Dota 2: Dendi confirmed that the mouse will not hang and is looking for a new destination

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Over the weekend, Natus Vincere announced their plans for the 2018/2019 DPC season. The team will build the roster around Akbar “SoNNeiK0” Butaev and the team’s superstar mid laner “Dendi” will not be part of this new roster.

Dota 2: Na`Vi announces new roster without Dendi

After the announcement, Dendi tweeted thanking Na`Vi for her 8 years of career. Some in the community thought it was a signal that Dendi had hung up a professional Dota 2 rat. But the latest, Dendi once again appeared on Twitter to dispel these rumors.

With the CIS region in turmoil, the question now is where will Dendi find a new home. Will he stay in the region he’s played in throughout his career or will he head to teams in Europe and North America?

Over the past decade, with non-stop contributions to developing and promoting the image of eSports around the world, Dendi deserves to be honored as one of the biggest monuments of DOTA 2 in particular and the platform. Contemporary eSports in general.

After a period of peak growth with “3 years, 3 finals”, Na`Vi entered a period of decline since the beginning of 2014. With a shameful defeat at TI4, Puppey and Kuroky left to leave. looking for a new stop. Since then, Na`Vi has fallen into an unstable state when struggling forever but still can’t find the winning formula. In less than a year, Na`Vi has changed four captains. With such an unstable roster structure, Na`Vi’s decline is completely understandable.

After excelling in the early years of Dota, Dendi is no longer prominent in the midlaner position. While he still has the skills to compete at a high level, Dendi hasn’t been able to reach that level lately. Let’s hope that leaving Na`Vi will be the driving force behind him making everyone fear him once again.

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