Does the X-Men still have a place in the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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Recently, the president Marvel Studios – Kevin Feige has revealed the news about his upcoming movie release plans MCUpromise in the future, MCU will invite more female directors to work. He also humorously said that he was still “tired” of waiting for a phone call to inform him that he could give X-men and Fantastic Four back to the cinematic universe Marvel or not.


During the annual meeting of the Association of Film Producers of America held on June 9, Kevin Feige, president of the Marvel Studios answered everyone’s questions about the production progress of new movies in this cult cinematic universe. After the success of Wonder Woman home DCwith the great credit of female director Patty Jenkins, Marvel decided to also invite more female directors in the future to make films for her. Kevin Feige himself is not sure about it X-men will from Fox return MCU in the near future.


As far as is known, in a period of 1 year, Marvel There will be 3 more new movies coming to theaters. The closest is Ant-Man and the Wasp Coming out next month, the film just finished its post-production work not too long ago. Movie Captain Marvel premiering next March has also entered the final stages of filming. Finally Avengers 4 Post-production is also in progress.

Captain Marvel not only the first movie of MCU focusing on female superheroes, but also the first time the studio invited a female director to make a film. Kevin Feige promises: “I can’t guarantee that the next 20 Marvel movies will be directed by a female director, but there will be a large number of works that will have a female director.”


In addition, the president Marvel Studios also mentioned the “box office miracle” of Black Panther. Although it was the first solo film about a black superhero, the film was still excellent, earning huge profits for the studio and becoming number one in the North American box office charts that same year. even Avengers: Infinity War Not sure if this record can be broken. This is also a push to create future successes of the cinematic universe Marvel.


Since the “billion dollar deal” with 20th Century Fox belong to Disney took place last year, a lot of fans are looking forward to the news X-men, Deadpool, Fantastic Four…can come back under command Marvelmeeting with superheroes Avengers. However, recently Comcast Corp. rejoining the purchasing war Fox making the situation even more complicated. Therefore, Kevin Feige himself is also very confused in the journey to bring the X-Men back “home” to reunite.

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