Does Call Of Duty Mobile have a Zombie mode?

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Zombie mode has always been the main factor in the Call of Duty parts that attract the most players, for the Call of Duty Mobile version, Zombie mode is no exception.

Call of Duty Mobile is finally available internationally, and while the game doesn’t have some of the features you’d expect from the full version, it’s still quite appealing to a lot of gamers. Call of Duty Mobile has quite a few modes available for players to try at launch, including Battle Royale and five modes based on the traditional form. Along with the modes, some of the more popular maps from previous Call of Duty titles are also carried over. One question that a lot of players still wonder is, Call of Duty: Mobile has Zombies mode?

Call of duty mobile can you cover the zombies?

For now, the answer is still no. Without Zombie mode after launch, you will be stuck fighting the same old soldiers in the old version. Since Zombies is one of the most popular game modes of Call of Duty, but surely the developer will not ignore this attractive mode for their game. This isn’t speculation, despite the fact Activision hasn’t officially announced a release date.

There has been a lot of footage of Call of Duty’s Zombie mode being circulated on social networks. Based on those contents, Zombie mode clearly needs to be changed more before releasing to the public. In the current version of the game Call of Duty Mobile, you can still see the third game mode gray icon that resembles the Zombie icon, along with the word Coming Soon (coming soon). If there is no further interference, the mode will probably be updated into the game, for example the October Halloween event.

Call of duty mobile is not covered by zombies 2

The Zombie mode version of Call of Duty Mobile is expected to be much different from the PC version, based on information from test footage. Instead of going through rounds based on waves of zombies flooding players in previous modes, Call of Duty Mobile’s Zombie mode will feature short quests with the final boss. This way, the player will probably have to win the Zombie mode in both solo and squad play.

Call of duty mobile is not covered by zombies 3

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