Battlefield 6 will be on an unprecedented scale

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The next part of the series shooting game Battlefield will be released by Electronic Arts during the holiday 2021. Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson said he is confident that this new part will be a big hit.


In the financial statements of Electronic Arts, he said Digital Illusions CE – game developer Battlefield is perfecting the new installment of this shooting series on an unprecedented scale. The outstanding advantages of the new console lines promise to be the catalyst for the game development team to create monumental turning points for the game industry.
He also confirmed that the demos of Battlefield 6 been tested internally since the release of Battlefield 5 in 2018. 2021 will mark the return of the new game Battlefield after the longest break in the game’s history since its release in 2002.


Andrew Wilson also announced that there will be six new titles released for the new console between October 2021 and the end of 2022. One of them is the Need for Speed ​​game developed by Criterion with investments. visually amazing.

As for the annual games, Apex Legends and The Sims 4 will continue to be updated, and EA Sports titles will continue to be active. However, he made no mention of the Anthem reboot, Dragon Age, or any new information regarding the new Star Wars installment.


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