Details of the update for Battle Peak Nine Swords 3D

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On the days of mid-November, Cuu Kiem 3D officially launched the updated version of Battle of Dinh Phong with a series of new features, fine-tuning many activities, bringing you to play more complete game products.

As you all know, Nine Swords 3D is a role-playing swordplay game developed for Android and iOS systems, each character of the Nine Swords 3D has a unique set of skills that players can change and transform.

The most detailed description of the 3d building project

Peak Battle Version

Contents of Big Update 2.0: Fighting Peak Peak Nine Swords 3D

– Reduces the difficulty of level 170 clones by 20% (helps teams with low combat power to easily pass).
– For Boss Sui Trieu Yu Party (Boss map):
+ 30% increased health compared to before.
+ The player who finishes the Boss (last damage) will get a special reward.
+ Changed the reward mechanism, specifically the whole party received gifts instead of 1 person as before.
– After respawning, there will be a protection mode for 5s (first 5 seconds of immortality) applied on all maps. Immediately loses the shield if it damages a person or a monster.
– Add items to increase the health of Thien Truc Secret Medicine in Kim Couture shop.
– Added auto button to accept invitations from other players.
– Increased rewards in the following activities: Boss of the World Love God of Disaster, Great Hall of Glory, Territorial Controversy, Nanzhao Vuong Lang, Team Version 170, 215 and 235.
– Practicing the exercises on the Picnic map and the Training Area has the ability to drop Orange or Red quality items.
– Remove the BOT from the Great Road of Glory and Conquer the Territory.
– Fix some PK bugs in low combat strength.
– Open the inter-sever feature.

In parallel with the release of the version of the Battle of the Peak, Cuu Sword 3D also gave gamers a lot of valuable gifts, high-level Gems. Please visit receive Code Nine Swords 3D at Taimienphi website, get high level equipment and gems now.

Link download game Nine Swords 3D
Download and install Nine Swords 3D, experience a completely new version of Fighting Peak.
– Link to download Android version: Nine Swords 3D for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Nine Swords 3D for iPhone

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