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Garena card loading is a way and an action that gamers who are playing Garena games such as League of Legends, Mobile League, Blade & Soul, FIFA Online 3 … all must know. If not, please see instructions for loading Garena card The following.

Garena for iOS Garena for Android

Currently there are many ways to load Garena game cards for yourself or buy Garena scratch cards for friends, such as recharging through: Garena card, message Viettel, use AirPay electronic wallet or Internet Banking. But how detailed, then invite you to consult How to load Shells into your Garena account in this post or on the Garena home page.

Ways to load Garena card

Instructions to load Garena game cards

Step 1: Access the Garena card loading page, click the button Log in in the top right corner to login to your account.

Log in to Garena

Step 2: Dashboard Log in appears, will give you 2 options to log in with your Garena account or Facebook account. Want to login in any form just click on that icon.

Select the Garena login form

Step 3: For example, we use the login page to load the Garena clam with the Garena account:

  • You choose to enter Garena icon.
  • Fill in the information account into the respective fields.
  • Then click log in now.

Sign in to Garena now

Step 4: This is the interface of the page after logging in, left-click and select the button Loaded Clam above next to his or her name Seashell icon louder below to continue.

Load oysters

Step 5: Here, we can see the page that offers gamers quite a few ways to load clams such as:

  • Through the Garena card system.
  • Via AirPay.
  • Via ATM card.

The following will be detailed payment methods:

Clam recharge payment with Garena card

In this way, players will receive a higher incentive when recharging the game Garena (10% higher than recharging a phone card). Garena cards are available at card stores, net shops, grocery stores, cafeterias …

How to load Garena card:

  • Buy a card
  • Fill out the information in the section Fill information Garena card
  • Choose load for Yourself good Friend
  • Press Confirm.

Clam Refill Forms on Garena

Recharge your Garena card using the AirPay e-wallet

AirPay E-wallet only applies to phones using the Android operating system. At the same time, each transaction will be added 5% bonus and 10% cheaper than regular phone cards.

AirPay for iOS AirPay for Android

How to buy a Garena recharge card using AirPay:

  • Log in to the Garena card loading page.
  • Choose a card with denominations of 20,000, 50,000, 100,000, 200,000 or 500,000 …
  • Click on the left mouse button Payment processing.
  • Now a QR code appears, use the phone to scan the code to confirm.

Deposit via wallet

Recharge Garena via Internet Banking service

ATM accounts with Internet Banking or international payment accounts: VISA, Master Card, JCB can conveniently pay right at this card top-up page.

How to top up game card game Garena by ATM card:

  • Login to Garena Card Reload page.
  • Choose ATM icon.
  • Select the amount to deposit from the list below.
  • Select Next Payment processing.
Deposit via bank

Select a payment method:

  • International card.
  • ATM cards, accounts opened at Vietnamese banks.
Fill in account holder information

Finally, fill in the information of the account holder (card number, name, expiration date …) and select Pay to perform.

Step 6: When the payment is successful, you will receive the following message:

Successful transaction

In addition, also on the current home page, if you do not choose to load oysters, you can also choose directly icon of the game that you are playing and want to load cards from the list below:

Garena's game list

For example, choose the game Arena of Valor. Then we will be given some options to load the card as below.

Choose your payment method

Another handy way of recharging the card that you can apply is to choose SMS Viettel icon. However, this method is only applicable under certain conditions, that is, subscribers who top up must be using telecommunications network. Viettel (pre-paid account).

How to top up Garena card by Viettel network message:

  • Go to the Garena card loading page / choose game icon are playing (game needs to be recharged).
  • Select the value to deposit.

Select SMS

  • Select the left mouse button Payment processing.

Payment processing

The sample message appears as below, you use your phone and then compose a message using this syntax and send to the phone number 9029 to perform (or scan QR code).

Message syntax

So you already know how to load Garena card to buy items, generals and equipment in popular games released by Garena.

Wish you all success!

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