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Garena Free Fire OB26 Serpent is an update Free Fire The first of 2021, has officially launched players globally. Currently, gamers can download Free Fire OB26 and experience all the new features it brings. Here, we will learn together in detail about the Garena Free Fire OB26 Mango update through today’s article.

Garena has officially released the update Free Fire OB26 worldwide, and after days of waiting, gamers can now experience the new content revealed on Advance Server and beyond.

Free fire ob26 details

New points in Free Fire OB26 Serpent

Yes, similar to previous releases, this first Free Fire update of 2021 also introduces a number of new features including new weapons and weapon balances, refurbished training island , new functionality… The developer released the full note and here’s what Garena Free Fire OB26 Serpent update details that you need to know.

Garena Free Fire OB26 Serpent Update Contents

1. Clash Squad death ranking mode

Free fire ob26 details

* Death Battle Rank

– Season 5 ranking mode: New season from 5/02.
– Reach rank of Gold III or higher to receive exclusive item: MP5 Pure Gold.

* Shop dedicated to Zi Zhan

– New shop system on Desert Island and Military Island/Military Island 2.0 map.

* New Item – Mystery Chest

– Can be used in Death Combat – Normal Battle.

2. Battle Royale Survival Mode

but change your life in free fire ob26

* Update Vending Machine

– Items and item prices will be updated for casual and ranked.

– New Item: UAV-Lite will now be available in vending machines.

– Added the rate of Token appearing on the map.

* New items

– UAV-Lite: A utility item that will scan the area for enemies. It is available in vending machines in normal, ranked mode.

– War Chest: Available in both casual and ranked modes. They will appear in more locations to make it easier for players to collect.

– Revival Card: Can only be used in normal mode and is available in vending machines.

– New system – Resurrection base: Only available in normal mode. Players can revive their teammates after capturing this stronghold.

3. Training Island

What are you doing with free fire ob26?

* New mini-games:

– New shooting range.

– New racing area.

– Ferris.

– Practice using glue bombs.

– Hall of Fame.

* New items:

– Giant Dice and Fancy Hammer at the training island shop.

4. Weapons and balance

* New weapon: Mag-7

– Base Damage: 20

– Ammo: 8

– Rate of fire: 0.2

– Accessories: Gun stock and handle.

* FF Knife: Available in wall battle and ranked mode

– Base Damage: 50

– Ammo: 3

– Rate of fire: 0.5

– Armor Penetration: 100%

* Vector Gun: Reduced damage, accuracy and range.

– Minimum damage: -1

– Maximum range in Akimbo: -4

– Accuracy in Akimbo: -18

* M1014: Increases damage and fire rate

– New sound effects.

– Minimum Damage: +3

– Rate of fire: +5%

* M1887: Reduced range

– Maximum range: -3%

information you update garena free fire ob26

* PARAFAL: Decreased accuracy and range

– Recoil: +9%

– Maximum range: -15%

– Removed an accessory slot.

* Woodpecker: Fire rate reduction

– Rate of fire: -8%

– Removed an accessory slot.

* UMP: Increases damage and armor penetration

– Armor Penetration: +5%

– Minimum damage: +1

* M249: Balance of stats

– Movement speed while firing: +10%

– Minimum range: +4%

– Movement accuracy: – 4%

* SVD: Reduces fire rate and damage

– Rate of fire: -9%

– Extra damage to body: 50% > 40%

* Groza: Adjusted damage, fire rate and recoil

– Rate of fire: +8

– Minimum Damage: +3

– Recoil: -6%

– Deals 100% damage to arms and legs.

5. Some other content

– The best couple is in the game on February 9: A special pairing system where players can pair up with friends by purchasing the Golden Vow in the store.

– Updated social system: The friend connection system is where players can invite friends in advance to form a team even while they are in the match.

– New profile and name badges.

– Optimized leaderboard display.

– Team Lobby is available (Team Lobby).

– Instant messaging: Players will be able to communicate with teammates easily.

– Free Look function: Added to the settings menu so players can look around while sprinting.

– Optimization: Support for login with Twitter, gas mask can now restore more than 200 HP for characters with more than 200 HP, damage fixes, FPS and ghosting improvements for all devices equipment, add sound effects to the headshot.

If you play the Desert Island Map in Free Fire OB26 without knowing the drop points, parachuting, then we will have difficulty collecting weapons and ammunition, let’s see what locations they are.

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Link to download Garena Free Fire OB26 Serpent here or below:

=> Link Download Garena Free Fire for PC
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=> Link Download Garena Free Fire for Android
download now android - Emergenceingame

=> Link Download Garena Free Fire for iPhone
download now ios - Emergenceingame

The Free Fire OB26 update will remove some old features and bring a lot of new features to Free Fire. So, don’t forget to come back for the latest updates.
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