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A completely new map with the name Alpine – Sun Island will appear on January 19, 2022 right after gamers update Free Fire OB32, many gamers are eagerly waiting to experience this new map. . Let’s review with Taimienphi the details of the new Sun Island map in Free Fire through the following article.

Garena Free Fire finally released a new map called Alpine Sun Island to improve the gameplay and take it to the next level. This new map was not released with the OB31 version but appeared in the Free Fire OB32 version of the Holiday Season.

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Everything you need to know about the Alpine Sun Island map in Free Fire

Sun Island map release date in Free Fire

Apparently, the map will be part of Free Fire’s “Festival” New Year’s celebration, right after the OB32 update on January 19, 2022. The Sun Island map is the fifth map ever added to the game, along with Bermuda, Purgatory, Kalahari, and Bermuda Remastered. In addition, the “Festival Season” event will begin on the day of the FF OB32 launch.

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Details of the Sun Island map in Free Fire

While both Sun Island and Purgatory are located at high elevations, the front is more focused on accommodation and casual facilities while the back is focused on tourist areas with Carousel and Snowfall as related structures. Design wise, Sun Island is super similar to Bermuda as it has the same river that divides the southern part of the map.

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The map will introduce a lot of new features such as trains, helicopters, wind generators, breakable fences, new decorative vehicles, new constructions, new textures and buildings. monopolist.

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– There will be 6 major population centers or cities on the island:
+ Millitia is the usual military complex on all Free Fire islands. Located right in the middle of the Sun Island map, this will probably be the hottest area for players.
+ Snowfall in the northwest is the only area on the map covered with snow. It is full of Japanese themed buildings.
+ Railroad is the next big spot on the map. It will include trains…however, there’s no indication that Free Fire players will be able to use them, so far.
+ Stadium is a sports complex on the south side of the map. It will have a basketball court.
+ Forest Red will be a residential area with large red trees.
+ Dock is the last major site, with two huge warehouses filled with loot.

You can also refer to the skydiving spots on the Free Fire Sun Island map here to choose the most ideal location.

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Where is the map of Sun Island in Free Fire based on?

Garena explains that Sun Island was developed based on a mountainous area with rich biodiversity, near snowy mountains and dense forests. It may be based on the Alps, a mountainous region in the middle of Europe. Semi-natural forests and grasslands are found on the lower slopes, but as altitudes increase and temperatures drop, trees become scarcer and are replaced by snow.

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Overall, it’s a pretty unique map based on an area that other battle royale battles have never really tried before. The closest to Sun Island is PUBG’s Vikendi, however, the snow is not nearly as much.
Along with that, the Free Fire OB31 New Era version also gives players a new Naitri character, his skills allow to restore HP of ice walls and the ability to increase damage to them, suitable for ring battles. last bo.

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