Despite huge profits, Bandai Namco said no to the “rich guy” Epic Games

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With an attractive distribution ratio, the amount exclusive games for Epic growing. However, there are still developers who bluntly say no to Epic so that gamers have the freedom to buy games and Bandai Namco is one of them. In their words, signing such an exclusivity deal would “go against the company’s strategy.”


Speaking to MVC, VP of communications, Herve Hoerdt explained that Bandai Namco is aiming for a full release across platforms. “I don’t see any reason to bring Tekken 7 up Epic Games Store”. While Epic offers attractive profit sharing, exclusivity is “not our vision”.

Bandai Namco wants their game to reach as many gamers as possible, so the two companies will not find common ground in the future. However, Hoerdt also said that, if Epic Games rethinks and changes its exclusivity policy, of course, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t work together. It is known that the price that Epic offers to exclusively buy a game on the store is not small. Developer Ooblets has revealed that the payment from Epic Games’ exclusive purchase alone is enough to ensure the game’s sales success even before its release. Anyway, Epic accepting to change its exclusivity policy is almost impossible, so it is not likely that these two companies will cooperate with each other in the near future.


This is probably good news for a lot of fans because of the fact that a game that claims to be exclusive to Epic is often criticized by people, boycotted more than supported. For example, Ooblets or Shenmue 3 themselves, when deciding to leave Steam In order to join Epic, these games must receive a lot of bricks and stones from netizens, and they even ask the developer to refund the amount of money previously supported.


This statement means that the games that are about to be released by Bandai Namco like Elden Ring nice Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot will most likely be available on Steam. A lot will change between now and the official release date, however, fans can rest assured that their favorite titles will be released on multiple platforms instead of just on the internet. Epic Games Store.​

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