Change Dlink wifi password, how to change wifi password Dlink VNPT FPT Viettel

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Changing wifi password helps you protect your home’s internet connection effectively, avoiding the use of the temple from other users. Currently, all three operators VNPT, FPT and Viettel provide two outstanding modems, D-link 600 and D-link Dir 6051, to consumers.

Changing the Dlink wifi password helps you have a more stable internet connection and avoid data theft, in addition, you can also Dlink wifi name change to not let others know that the wifi network is yours.

Change Dlink wifi password, how to change Dlink VNPT FPT Viettel wifi password

Step 1: Usually the access IP address for Dlink modem is usually if you are not able to access then use the following steps to get the IP.

First press the key combination Windows-CHEAP next type cmd to open Command Line Prompt.

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Once you have access to the Command Line Prompt, enter the command ipconfig and press enter.

dlink wifi password

Step 2: Once you have access IP information, paste it in your browser and use the following to log in.

User: admin

Password: admin

dlink wifi connection

Step 3: Access to Setup > Network Settings > Pre-Shared Key and enter a new password.

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Those are all steps to change wifi pass Dlink VNPT FPT Viettel. After referring to this article, you can change your own password without having to ask anyone’s help anymore. If using Tenda wifi, please refer to the article Configure Wireless Tenda W311R that we have provided.

The DLink modem configuration page also allows users to rename Dlink wifi easily. You can follow the instructions in the article renaming WiFi D-Link Please.
In addition, you can also refer to change ftp wifi password if using FPT network or changing Huawei VNPT wifi password when using VNPT network modem
If you use Viettel’s modem, you can refer to the method change viettel wifi password Please

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