Death Stranding – Another game that correctly predicts the future of the epidemic

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Death Stranding despite the controversy is still one of the masterpieces of the virtual world in 2019. The game tells the story of a ruined Earth after the doomsday event “Death Stranding”, making the soul unable to return to the dead. but stuck in the human world. There, gamers will play the role of Sam Porter Bridges – A transporter tasked with connecting the isolated places of the League of American Cities, thereby uniting them to overcome the countless dangers ahead. .

In the game, the survivors of Death Stranding must hide in cities or underground bases for fear of wandering ghosts or terrorists ready to slaughter without mercy. They are so afraid that they do not dare to look at the sunlight and can only communicate with Sam through virtual images. Sam himself is no better when he suffers from a life-changing aftershock disease.


Half a year ago, the details in a completely fictional game seemed to have no connection with real life … but now it has become more visible than ever. As we all know, Death Stranding used to be called a “Shipper simulator game” when the main character Sam had to carry a ton of goods and go from place to place to move things. Unable to come into direct contact with people, Sam must use mechanical systems to be able to deliver directly to the recipient.


Now, with the complicated situation of Corona epidemic in many countries around the world, this “non-contact” delivery method is gradually being applied. In Japan and some European countries, Shipment systems started using the “Zero Contact” or “No Contact” mechanism. There Shipper will carry on his back a large sealed bag, when paying to receive the goods, they will leave the bag in front of your door, stand 2 meters away for you to receive and pay for yourself, then wait for you to enter the house to take the bag.

With a world where people live in isolation and do not want to communicate with the outside world, everything depends on the carrier, but you and the carrier do not want to have direct contact with each other… then yes Maybe Death Stranding is closer to real life than ever.

But also don’t forget the slogan of Death Stranding with a little translation of the pandemic:

Tomorrow is in your hand… so wash your hand.


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