5 breakthrough features help Tam Quoc Wild Rift become the focus of attention of the strategy game village

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4 champions free to move

No longer limited to mind games where the two sides of the squad “stand still and look at each other”, now you will control and lead the generals to hundreds of the most fiery encounters.

With the ability to move freely, players can both dodge lightning attacks from enemies and choose the most suitable time to respond.

A series of new “unique, strange” metas were born, from repelling, hitting “pecking”, cornering opponents, taking advantage of the terrain… Just a little ingenuity and the most suitable generals, you have can roam freely in the open battlefield of Three Kingdoms Wild Rift.


The Four Elements are incompatible

Not only dividing the general system by Country, Qualities and Uses, Three Kingdoms Wild Rift also opened a whole new road, Tu Hanh. Also while building the squad, you will need to choose a leader general, with separate skills to lead the remaining teammates.

It is this leader and the corresponding Tu Hanh will be the key for players to unleash hidden power, save and “turn the bet” at the most important moment.

Also thanks to the contrasting Four Elements, the player’s team building is much more variable, it will be really difficult to have a “duplicate” strategy with other players.

Each decision the player makes will bring your squad to a new form of power, making the spear of damage unique in the arena of princesses.


Merge according to the new mechanism

Not stopping at the freedom to move, even when accumulating enough fury to launch the Skill Combine, players can also contribute more power to make the attack even more powerful.

Accordingly, the Three Kingdoms Wild Rift cleverly integrated a new mechanism into the Hop Strike skill, the more players… click on the screen, the higher the amount of damage caused will increase.

For many players who are too used to “Auto”, this Mechanism will force them to rethink and mobilize themselves to promote 100% of the generals’ power. The more fluent and smooth the player who uses the Combination, the easier it will be to overcome the amount of damage to the opponent.

Because in the Three Kingdoms Wild Rift, the pace of the battle is very fast, each player will need to decide quickly and accurately to gain an advantage, corner the target and unleash “selling”.


Optimizing the graphics, the “leper” machine is still fighting well

The 4th plus point of the Three Kingdoms Wild Rift is the optimized graphics, giving a super good visual experience even on mid-range systems. With only operating system 4.0, Ram 1GB or more for Android and operating system 8.0, Ram 1GB or more for iOS, the game can run smoothly with all models. This is a great advantage for this general card strategy product when many other opponents are on the way to “racing” configurations with parameters that make players just want to “shake their heads and stick their tongues out”…

The fights in the Three Kingdoms Wild Rift are shown quite pleasingly, with many eye-catching effects and smooth character movements. The manufacturer has carefully invested in the shaping of each champion, although only appearing in the form of Chibi, the temperament of each character is “breathed” to add more vibrancy.


Free Vip 6 and “terrible” champion Khuong Duy

To please the fans who have been waiting for so long, Tam Quoc Wild Rift also “all hands”, giving super huge gifts to all players entering the experience on the upcoming March 18, 2020.

Specifically, every player will receive FREE Vip 6 with the “terrible” general Khuong Duy during the early experience. With a start that could not be more spectacular, believe that the 500 brothers of the Three Kingdoms of Wild Rift will soon break through to claim the most glorious titles for themselves.


According to the previously announced schedule, Tam Quoc Wild Rift will officially launch the gaming community on the upcoming March 18, 2020. For detailed information about super HOT events and countless valuable gifts, readers can refer to:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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