DC’s Aquaman revealed a series of promotional images filled with “ocean breath”

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With the rapid release of movies of Marvel, DC Of course, you can’t be outdone and immediately join this superhero universe race. One of DC’s upcoming films, in addition to part 2 of the blockbuster Wonder Woman, will be a member’s own movie. Justice League is different: Aquaman. Today, the film’s director – James Wan has released a new series of posters and even photos in the movie to satisfy the fans’ expectations.


Same as in Justice Leagueactor Jason Momoa will continue to play “Neptune” Aquaman – Arthur. In particular, the audience’s attention also focuses on the superhero’s companion – the beautiful red-haired princess Mera (Amber Heard). This is a beautiful couple that is expected to create a “chemistry” on the screen. Although the film will be released near the end of December this year, through the promotional images, it is possible to see the “cool” and “wet” of the sea. Therefore, if it is released in the summer, it will certainly attract an even larger audience to theaters.

After the failure no longer want to repeat of Justice Leaguethe filmmaker tries to take a film in a completely different direction and separate from the previous style of DCEU. Director James Wan said they will limit the abuse of CGI technology as in Justice League. Instead, they will use the lighting system to create more beautiful underwater effects. Hopefully this will continue to be a quality solo movie like Wonder Womanonly then will the audience regain their trust in home cinema works DC.

Movie Aquaman slated to officially premiere on December 21, 2018 in North America.

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