D.Va is the main character in the latest Overwatch short film

D.Va là tâm điểm của tập hoạt hình mới nhất trong Overwatch - Emergenceingame

Overwatch fans are ready to rebel. They demanded an animated short about Overwatch’s favorite Korean heroine – D.Va – since the game’s launch. Finally, the game developer has also satisfied the fans.

Blizzard just released a short animation during its presentation in Korea after revealing it on Twitter earlier this week. Animated short, titled Shooting Starwhich follows D.Va’s life as Korea’s national hero.

Shooting Star gives us an emotional look at D.Va in her workshop before she prepares to take on Korea’s enemies. When she had just finished the tests, a group of enemies were flying and attacking the city. This is where D.Va gives birth to Self-Destruct, sacrificing herself and her MEKA to save Korea. Despite several injuries – including a broken leg and arm in a cast – D.Va immediately assembled a new robot.

After the release of Shooting Star, Dai talked about the process of making the animated film. D.Va is a very important figure in the Overwatch community. Dai says Shooting Star’s goal is to show us a different perspective on D.Va — there’s a thin layer of software about her.

Blizzard also released a new map at the Korean event. The new map, Busan, takes players to three different areas of the Korean city: the temple, D.Va’s barracks, and the shopping mall in Busan. Map is now available on Overwatch’s test server.

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