CSGO: Update details 11/11/2021

update csgo 700 - Emergenceingame

CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) released an update on CSGO: Update 11/9/2021 details with gameplay changes. Let’s find out more details about this new update in the article below.

update csgo 700 - Emergenceingame

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CSGO: Update details 11/11/2021

Update on the map

Insertion II

  • The hostage rescue area has been tweaked to make it smaller
  • Fixed an issue behind the pizza where the weapon fell to the ground
  • Added an extra cabinet and desk in the orange office
  • Fixed so you can fit inside in the playground
  • Glass removed from the salad bar stand in Pizza
  • Various graphics, clipping and crash issues have been fixed


  • Upgrading to medium, intuitive and gameplay
  • Fixed loud door sound
  • Added a powerful selfboost on the Terrorist side of mid lane
  • Cubby in the middle of the hour is deeper
  • Added a new cover piece in the wine room hallway
  • The middle window has now been shattered to pieces due to the classic smoke grenade incident. Previously, players could see inside smoke when near breakable windows
  • Removed raised plantations on the CT . midline side
  • Changed some of the building’s architecture
  • More glass is now breakable
  • Replace roof nodraw with roof texture
  • Reduce the mass of the helicopter
  • Small tweaks to crop around the map
  • Radar image update

System update

  • The Verkkars & n0thing’s new music set “Flashbang Dance” is available for purchase in the game now.
  • Smoke grenades will ignore the player when detonated on a burning flame and follow the trail.
  • Stability fixes.

End of update on 11/9/2021 CS:GO!

CSGO: Update details October 15, 2021

Update on the map

  • Fixed a bug where underwater footsteps would sound from player casualty locations.
  • Bots will now be able to open more Danger Zone doors.
  • Stability improvements.

System update

Ancient Map

  • Fixed pixel spacing across scaffold near B site.

Gameplay update

  • Fixed many clipping issues.
  • Fixed lower navigation grid missing in area A .
  • Updated radar map.
  • Create a replayable map by changing license plates.
  • Many tweaks some visual tweaks.

End of update 10/15/2021!

CSGO: Update details 7/10/2021

Map changes

Dust 2

  • Put a tire that blocks the view from the starting T looking towards the mid lane
  • Block unintentional wall shot

Insertion 2

  • New glass surface for office windows, to make it easier to see from the inside whether the glass has broken or not.
  • Other minor tweaks


  • Fixed the bug where the bomb was stuck near the starting point
  • Fixed object entanglement
  • Update radar


  • Add a reception desk to the road connecting the B area
  • Add windows to Red Barn
  • Remove the fence of zone A to make it easier to move
  • Improving the beauty of the B . bomb site
  • Improve the aesthetics of the Red Barn area
  • Add some literature
  • More fluffy rugs
  • Improved many small graphics throughout the map


  • Turn off physical effects on windows at stream house
  • Prevent the metal frame of the quarry from being moved
  • Set the correct scale on metal crates
  • Improved collision on the cliff model
  • Remove the row ceiling and wooden roof to prevent players from getting stuck when using high jump shoes
  • Fixed collisions on fern models to prevent players from getting stuck
  • Fixed map sound for bunker doors
  • Fixed all reported jams when jumping
  • Increased blur range on cornfields
  • Disconnect the sea part of the map to prevent players from exiting the level with jumping mines
  • Extend the ladder of the water tower
  • Fix reported floating drums/gun turrets
  • Make the waterfall floor shallower to be able to pick up items
  • Close some rooms in the haunted mansion
  • Haunted mansion refurbishment
  • Removed the kill zone on the left side of the bridge
  • Optimized improvement

System update

Danger area

  • The respawn player is no longer allowed to choose the respawn location that has been banned by the spawnmask map class.
  • Smooth camera movement when using high jump shoes.

Other updates

  • More bbno$ – u mad! Music pack with regular version and StatTrak™.
  • Added new dialogue for Agent Trapper and Trapper Aggressor.
  • Adjusted ragdoll physics.

CSGO: Details of the big update September 21 – Operation Riptide

Launch of Riptide campaign

Launched Operation Riptide, an event that gives gamers exclusive access to a variety of weapons and equipment. To participate in this campaign, players need to purchase the Operation Pass (Event Ticket).

Refer to the event details: https://counter-strike.net/riptide

Game mode update


  • Add to Private Match Queue.
  • Private Queue generates a queue code to share with friends, thereby playing a private Premier match from the Valve server.
  • Players can also choose one of the Steam groups and play privately with members of that group.


  • In addition to the short bomb mode (16 games), this is really useful for gamers who don’t have much time.
  • Added option to find short and long bomb match.

Fight till death

  • Specifically divided into 3 game modes: Classic, team-based (which team 100 lives first will win) and one-on-one (all players are enemies of each other).

Weapon Update

  • Grenades can now also be thrown away as weapons
  • Observation time after death reduced from 3 to 2 seconds
  • Desert Eagle: body damage reduction
  • M4A1-S: Increases damage dealt to the body area
  • Dual Berettas: Discounted to $300
  • Added bulletproof shield in the list of anti-terrorist party weapons.

Update on the map

  • County map has been added to the official map group in danger zone mode.
  • The Basalt and Insertion II map groups have been officially added in competitive, simple and deadly mode.
  • Ravine and Extraction map groups have been officially added in Wingman mode.
  • Removed Grind, Mocha, Pitstop, Calavera, Frostbite maps from the official matchmaking group.

Dust II

  • A wall is created to prevent the view from the terrorist starting point from looking at the mid.
  • Increased visibility into B site from the upper tunnel.


  • Making a gate at the top of the banana area now looks flatter
  • Adjusted the 1v1 zone.
  • Fixed some other minor bugs


  • Expansion of bomb sites in both bomb sites
  • Fix the chisels through the wood plank surface
  • Added 1v1 zones.

End of update 09/21/2021 CS:GO!

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