Free Fire Max: Instructions to register and download and create gaming accounts

There is no question, Free Fire is actually the most downloaded strategy game on mobile today. However, many players feel that its graphics are not commensurate with other games of the same genre. Meeting the needs of players, Garena has grown Free Fire Max, a separate game with much better graphics, animations and effects than the original.

To download Free Fire MAX, you need a Google or Facebook account to sign up for Free Fire MAX. Currently you can download the Beta of Free Fire Max under the two platforms below:

Free Fire Max for Android Free Fire Max for iOS

How to download, install and register a Free Fire Max play account

Install VPN to download Free Fire Max on Google Play

Step 1: Get the app VPN Malaysia on Google Play, then on the Malaysian VPN app

Step 2: Check the box Connect to Malaysia VPN to transfer IP to Malaysia.

Fake IP to Malaysia

Step 3: Once the connection is complete, you can exit the Malaysian VPN app and follow these steps.

How to create an account Garena Free Fire Max

Step 1: Visit the following website: to create an account after Fake IP using Malaysian VPN app

Free Fire Max account registration page

Step 2: Press the button Log Masuk to sign up for an account Garena Free Fire MAX

Click the Log Masuk button to register

Step 3: Click to use your Google or Facebook account to sign up for Free Fire MAX.

Tick ​​the Google or Facebook button to register.

Step 4: After registering with your Facebook or Google account, you will appear a page filled with information as shown below.

Free Fire MAX registration board.

Step 5: Please fill in the operating system information and email. The rest of the fields can be filled in but cannot be left blank.

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Where to enter the machine's operating system and email.

Step 6: To the last 2 questions, enter the phone name and model number, then press the button SUBMIT.

Enter the phone model and model name and press the SUBMIT button

So you have already registered for an account, now follow the steps below to get the login code.

How to get the code to login Free Fire MAX

Step 1: You go to your Free Fire MAX registered mail account, then check your mailbox. Garena will send a confirmation letter to your Free Fire MAX account, if you receive the email, you have successfully registered.

Mail Garena will send to your gmail

Step 2: Please wait a few days before Garena will send you a code. Each letter Garena will send a different code.

Code Garena will send (Each letter has a different code)

Sign up for trial Garena Free Fire Max

Step 1: Open Chrome browser and access the link: Then click the button Become a tester.

Tick ​​the box to become a tester.

Step 2: After becoming a tester, you will see a screen like below:

Screen after becoming a tester.

So you have been a Free Fire MAX tester, but to be able to download Free Fire MAX, you need to roam Google Play and follow the instructions below.

How to download Free Fire Max on Google Play

Step 1: After enabling Fake IP in Malaysia VPN application installed above, you go to Google Play> click on your Google Play account profile picture.

Tick ​​on the profile picture of Google Play account.

Step 2: After showing the list of Google accounts, choose the account registered Free Fire MAX. If you don’t have multiple Google accounts, you can skip this step.

Select the Google account registered with Free Fire MAX

Step 3: After changing your account, search for “Free Fire” in the Google Play search box (remember that the Malaysian VPN must still be turned on).

Search for keywords "Free Fire" on the search bar.

Step 4: Click on the game Garena Free Fire finds and click on the word Garena International I Private Limited (publisher name)

Step 5: At this point, you will appear a series of Garena applications including Free Fire Max, select it and click on Install. Then you just need to wait for the game to download.

Sign in to Free Fire MAX

After turning on the Malaysian VPN app and roaming is complete, go to Free Fire MAX and follow the steps below:

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Step 1: Open the Free Fire MAX game installed on your device, click on the account Guest.

Tick ​​on the guest account button.

Step 2: After entering the guest account, the game will display a menu of Vietnam or Singapore. You guys remember to choose to enter the area Singapore > OK.

Click to select the Singapore area

Step 3: After clicking OK, the game will display a confirmation board for the selected area, click next OK.

Select FF Max gaming area

Step 4: The game will appear on the Free Fire MAX account login panel.

Sign in to Free Fire MAX.

Step 5: Please enter the email information that you used to register for Free Fire MAX and the code that Garena sent you. After finishing inputting, press the button OK.

After entering, you Tick OK button.

If the information is correct, the game will notify the account that you are logged in successfully, if wrong, you will not be able to enter the game.

Step 6: After logging in, the game will ask if you are a novice or a long-time player. You can choose one of the three questions, then click the button Join us.

And this is the result after many hard days, you can play Free Fire MAX.

Garena Free Fire MAX interface.

(Follow: ahihi2 ….

How to download and install Free Fire Max APK on mobile

Step 1: Download Free Fire Max for Android from Google Play on

Install Free Fire Max for Android

The APK file size is about 49MB, the OB file is about 1.05GB. Therefore, players need to ensure the device has enough storage space before downloading these files.

Step 2: Activate option Install from Unknown Source from device settings if you haven’t already done that.

Step 3: Install the APK file, but don’t open it yet Free Fire Max Now.

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Install Free Fire Max

You will see a different Free Fire Max icon from the current Free Fire:

Free Fire Max Icon

Step 4: Copy the OBB file to the directory Android / OBB / com.dts.freefiremax. If you do not have this folder, create a new one by clicking on the 3-dot icon, from the drop-down menu, select Add new folder> Name the new folder as shown below:

Now go back to the location where the Free Fire Max OBB file is located and copy it to the folder com.dts.freefiremax just created.

Next, launch Free Fire Max, click Confirm when you see the following window:

Click confirm to run Free Fire Max

Agree to the Free Fire Max game to access required permissions by clicking Allow:

Agree to decentralize the Free Fire Max

Now you will see the Free Fire Max interface appear. You can play Free Fire Max game with Facebook account or other social network.

Free Fire Max game interface

Above is how to install the game Free Fire Max on your phone. Hope the article is useful to you

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