CSGO: The Right Choice of Stewie2K

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“You made the right choice, brother…”

Cloud 9’s Tarik “Tarik” Celik took to Twitter to tell his former teammate Jake “Stewie2k” Yip after the Major champions fell at ESL Cologne 9-12, winning only one map best. What Tarik didn’t know was that at that time Stewie’s new team, MIBR, soon followed in their footsteps after being eliminated by the host team BiG. The words of encouragement suddenly turned to sarcasm, a message passed between two pros on two teams that were performing extremely poorly compared to their potential. Not long after this tweet Tarik reunited with Stewie, side by side with Brazilian legends to change their destiny or to continue their downfall together.

I don’t know if the tweet was a bad omen, but it did stir up rumors that maybe Stewie jumped into the fire like a moth himself. Some think that maybe Cloud9 wouldn’t have fallen so badly if Stewie had remained on the roster. More negative people see him as a traitor, which is also the case in esports. Outside of that hypothetical theoretical world, it was undeniably the right decision. It certainly wasn’t easy for Stew.

Cloud9 khuất phục FaZe trở thành tân vương ELEAGUE Major - Emergenceingame
Cloud9 boys lost themselves after the Major championship

For some teams, winning a Major is the final chapter of a career book rather than the first, and this is evident in Cloud9. Everything went according to the script, to the point where many foolish people assumed that ELEAGUE manipulated the tournament to gain viewers. Such nonsense makes us ignore the huge advantages that affect the victory of the team, including the home field advantage. Personally, Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham performed beyond his normal abilities and never achieved it again. His decline is most obvious and he is not the only one with this problem. The events that followed their heroic victory made them even more normal, as if they had left a part of themselves on the stage in Boston. Maybe that’s the price to pay…

If you ever wondered what happened after the story of a bottom team, it’s pretty much like this. They have a lot of great advantages from many factors to be sure to win.

If the North American players have had any shortcomings over the years, it is satisfaction.

So can Cloud9 fans be mad at Stew as he foresaw this dark prospect and left? If the North American players have had any shortcomings over the years, it is satisfaction. There have been too many squads that need to try to hold on to each other due to personal relationships instead of talent, too many new talents being eliminated to replace familiar faces. Top players also keep their main motivations hidden from critics and fans alike; as long as they still get paid every month and the setbacks don’t affect their egos too much – for example they resolve conflicts by turning on streams, revealing secret conversations to get people to post. sign, find ways to make money from personal conflicts. This is North American CS even in the CS:GO era.

Stewie isn’t that kind of person at all. A player who has always wanted to play professionally despite accusations of using software interference from senior players. And then he had the worst possible start to a pro career – signing with Splyce – that could have ended before it even started. Fortunately, Cloud9 boss Jack Etienne considered his abilities worth $20,000 and Stewie became one of the best rookies CS has ever had. But to be fair, this didn’t happen solely on the basis of Stewie’s ability as many young stars think. He wasn’t even allowed to play in his forte until he proved what he was capable of and even then he was already a versatile player on Cloud9’s roster. Need an entry fragger? He is ready to take the lead. Need an extra AWPer? Take up this position again… The captain position no one wants? No need to look no further. He even went out and “discovered” Timothy “autimatic” Ta, a sub-player known for playing for six different teams in a year when he paired up with his friend. There are coaches who are always looking for talented players and have the ability to develop these players. Stewie did all of the above just to win. Applause means nothing.

tarik stew - Emergenceingame
Tarik and Stewie both run away from Cloud9

It’s comforting that Stewie still wants to grow, learn and win more than he can. Those were the main reasons why he wanted to play alongside Gabriel “Fallen” Toledo, the best captain CS:GO has ever seen. And this is not without risk. Who wants to be the bearer of MiBR failures? Can they come back? That’s what he faced when he joined a team of four Brazilians who spoke English so they could communicate, rather than Stew having to learn Portuguese. With his erratic performances and overly aggressive playstyle, we could see him being the target of criticism from disgruntled fans.

It’s a pity that the demonstration that should have been completed has to be postponed for a while and perhaps this team will never achieve anything to be able to resolve the controversy about transfer case. The “Made in Brazil” project has been a mess from the very beginning, starting with a brand that has lost its strength because of too many non-Brazilian players, to the fact that the relationship between the star player and the captain is at a worrying level. They entered the game in a completely beatable state, and the team began to lose the fear-inducing elements these legendary players used to bring when the game came to a close.

MiBR - Emergenceingame
Stewie and teammates at MiBR

Agree that in the midst of these issues Stewie can still learn a lot more than he did at Cloud9. It was a different kind of failure and the Brazilians had a more positive mindset on the way back to success than his old Cloud9 teammates. Watching Fallen try to mend the team will be more interesting and insightful than we know from the news. Temporarily taking on the position of captain, receiving guidance from Fallen, while simultaneously analyzing information from Marcelo “coldzera” David, will develop a new type of communication. In the end, here Stewie isn’t the star, just one piece of a complex puzzle and one that’s easiest to change out of the rest if they don’t fit together. All of these experiences make for a near-perfect multi-player.

It would be a comical prospect if we hoped Cloud9 fans would know, even for a while, to ask them to come back to reality. Once a fan rushed to Jack’s place when he was explaining that their current roster problems were not about money. For others, look at the big picture and appreciate it. North American players are leisure people, they rarely take risks and they often think about things like financial security and stress relief or glory. Those are thoughts that are realistic and acceptable in other fields but they have been clumsy to apply them in the world of sport, where we always believe that winning is all that matters. most important. Do not criticize this transfer. Either way, trophies will follow him for life and North America will see the return of an even more formidable player. Truly the right choice.

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