PUBG will soon have Esports Pro League tournaments for many regions

PUBG sẽ sớm có giải đấu esports pro league cho từng khu vực với lợi nhuận chia sẻ với các đội tham dự - Emergenceingame

At the press conference ahead of the PUBG Global Invitational 2018 (PGI) in Berlin, PUBG Corp. announced a five-year esports plan, with 2018 being used to prepare for events in 2019.

The press conference pointed to two main problems that PUBG esports must overcome: financial stability and clear competition regulations between regions. Financially, PUBG Corp. plans to apply multiple streams of revenue to professional teams, including merchandise, bonuses, and profit-sharing opportunities.

The general amount of profit will start from PGI 2018. Players can purchase in-game accessories after determining the 20 final round teams, the teams will receive a portion of the profits from the branded items of the game. team.

To create stable and globally applicable regulations, the company will organize regional tournaments. Starting in 2019, PUBG Pro League will appear in Europe, North America, China, Korea with the potential to expand to other regions in 2020. Each tournament will take place day by day by partners in the area. Finally will be the world final tournament, bringing the regions together.

Tổng hợp thông tin giải đấu PUBG Global Invitational 2018 với sự hiện diện của đội Việt Nam Refund Gaming - Emergenceingame

Instead of pursuing a franchise system like the Overwatch League, PUPB Corp. towards a more traditional esports tournament, with a promotion system. However, the company did not specify how the tournament ownership will be structured, but the decision could be left to the organizers of each region. More details on the tournament structure will be announced in Q4 2018.

PUBG Corp CEO Changhan Kim. said the company doesn’t want to use “esports as a marketing tool.” The company emphasizes the importance of professional tournaments and says third-party organizers will not be excluded from the game’s system.

While Fortnite has overtaken PUBG in terms of viewership and revenue, the game got off to a rough start in esports. Instead of trying to incorporate streamer culture into professional competition, PUBG Corp. focus on battle royale “serious esports” with a more clearly built system that is more geared towards competitive esports. PGI 2018 will be the next test of the new player interface and tracking tools. Hopefully it will improve the spectate (tracking) issues in Battle Royale esports.

Overall, PUBG’s professional esports model is unlikely to help the company catch up with Fortnite in terms of player numbers and revenue. But if Epic Games still has problems with Fortnite esports, PUBG could become a true “esports” battle royale game for those who are passionate about becoming a professional Battle Royale gamer.

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