Crossfire Legends – Put the Angel M4A1 on the scale with the M4A1-SVIP series

Appearing unexpectedly without warning, M4A1-Angel can become a name that makes many people shy because of the resounding reputation that Steyr-Dual Angel has built up before. Will M4A1-Angel once again repeat the same feat as its predecessor? Let’s explore with Emergenceingame.Com!” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>​

Inherited beauty

The first feature that when it comes to Angel weapons that people immediately remember is beauty, an outstanding angel-like beauty as the name suggests.


The M4A1-Angel is still extremely radiant with the details inherited from its predecessor: the outer shell is made from luxurious sparkling silver metal with green glowing stones inlaid on the gun body and especially the The signature angel face icon is pressed at the position of the grip and handle connection. A whole that exudes serenity and is filled with divine power.


In addition, all the remaining extras such as the special mark and the effect of the blue light soaring when taking down the target or the melee bayonet in the shape of an angel sword underneath the muzzle of the silencer also contribute to making the shape of M4A1-Angel more perfect.

Power of VIP standard

M4A1-Angel possesses the standard power of VIP, much better than other purple quality weapons of the same type and equal or slightly different from the seniors in the VIP world such as M4A1-Born Beast, M4A1-Predator, or M4A1-Predator. M4A1-Transformers.


Outstanding features: great power, dealing 29-30 HP damage on human targets in team battles, accompanied by high accuracy, good punching and especially the reload speed of only 1.3 seconds. Giving the M4A1-Angel the ability to fight through, flexibility and stability.


In addition, there are additional effects when the player has M4A1-Angel: plus 100% EXP for yourself, plus 30% EXP and 20% GP for roommates.


Missing something…

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New, beautiful and VIP standard. However, in M4A1-Angel, there is still something inexplicably lacking to be able to create a different bounce, like what Steyr-Dual Angel has done.


Let’s take a look at the impressions of this predecessor: the first SMG VIP for team battles/bombs, the first SMG to appear in the form of 2 hands, 2 guns, really cool combat with high damage, speed The rate of fire and reload is extremely fast, almost any target within its range is almost certainly dead.


After that, Steyr-Dual Angel naturally became a hot topic of discussion for a long time. And those cool things, back to the M4A1-Angel, we haven’t found yet. The M4A1-Angel is a good VIP gun, but at the moment it is just a strange dish on the table that has too many delicious dishes.


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