Create Gmail sample letters and emails with Canned Responses

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Creating sample messages in Gmail with canned responses helps users easily create ready-made mail forms for faster and more efficient mail composing. Follow the instructions of to be able to create a Gmail sample letter.

Gmail is an email composing tool that is almost the most popular today, besides Outlook or Yahoo Mail, one of the advantages of Gmail is that it supports many smart mail composing tools, the experimental set of mail compose features has many features. useful feature, one of which is creating mail templates in Gmail with canned responses.

I am thu mau in gmail

Create mail, sample email in gmail is available

The tool to create a mail template in Gmail with Canned Responses will work effectively with the Gmail signature creation feature, because the beautiful Gmail signature creation tool is also built into the mail composer, so if you know how to combine the two features, With this feature, you can compose professional and easy Gmail messages.

Create mail templates in gmail with canned responses

Step 1: In Gmail, click the gear icon then select the item Settings (Setting).

I am thu mau in gmail

Detailed instructions on how to create email templates in gmail

I email quickly in gmail

Step 2: In the settings interface of Gmail, click on the item Lab to access the summary page of hidden experimental features on Gmail.

I want to email in gmail

Click on the Lab item to access the summary of experimental features in Gmail, including the ability to create sample messages in Gmail with Canned Reponses.

how to get email in gmail

Step 3: Find the feature Canned Responses (Canned answer) and tick the item Enable (turn on).

Huong Dan Tao Thu Mau in gmail

Remember to press Save (Save Changes) at the bottom of the Lab page.

Step 4: Click on item Compose (Compose message) and click the triangle icon in the bottom corner of the screen.

how do i get gmail

Click to select item Canned Responses (Canned Responses) > New Canned Responses.


Step 5: In the sample message input interface in Gmail, you enter a message segment that you want to reserve.

Press OK to save.

I am thu mau in gmail

Step 6: After creating a sample message in Gmail, you will see a section Insert (Insert), Save (Save) and Delete (Delete), when you want to insert a sample message in Gmail, you need to select the Insert item.

After creating a sample message in Gmail you will see as shown in the picture.

Creating a Gmail template email saves you time and is also an effective way to improve performance. Besides, Gmail also offers a lot of other interesting features to improve the user experience such as blocking Gmail spam with a filter tool in the service’s settings itself.

Now that Gmail is available on mobile devices, registering gmail on phones is as simple as registering on computers. When you sign up for Gmail, you should try to find an easy-to-remember password for your Gmail account, to avoid the fact that you set up Gmail and forget your password when logging in Gmail will always come with a password to remember so you need to do your best. pay attention. Once created, you can also send and receive Email normally.
Good luck!

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