Mordhau guide for beginners

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Mordhau action game is completely brutal like most other online multiplayer games, help is almost non-existent because they don’t necessarily help you, they want to destroy you. If you follow our Mordhau beginner’s guide, you’ll definitely live a lot longer.

Mordhau Developed by the company Triternion is a game with a medieval setting and supports 64 players online at the same time. You will be involved in fierce battles, immersed in super-fast war and many other interesting and exciting missions.

mordhau game guide for people

Mordhau – A fighting game with a medieval setting

– Link to download PC version: Mordhau

Mordhau guide for beginners

1. Choose a familiar character class

There are many different classes in Mordhau, choose one and build your own, knowing what you are doing and how you want to play. However, you should try the default classes initially to get the right feel for many different weapons later on. To do that you have to have a bit of knowledge, which is always something that should be known.

2. Do not open the door

Instead of entering each room politely, it is better to kick the door and enter the room. The reason is simple because it can knock out anyone on the other side of the door, allowing you to take down opponents in moments when they’re defenseless. This is also something you need to keep in mind, so don’t spend too much time at the door waiting to ambush someone or you will have to suffer this tragic end.

3. Balanced physics system

Mordhau uses an extremely detailed physics system of combat movements. It means the game follows a lot of logic that the real world is doing. In practice, this means you’re taking up arms and stuck in the world of Mordhau, drawing up a battle plan for the battles that are vital. You will not be able to shoot arrows at enemies while they are still holding their shields.

4. Be careful of those around you

Be really careful with those around you because you can be defeated at any time, especially when someone is covered in blood. It’s not always easy to see where their loyalty lies, so be very careful if you’re not 100% sure. You don’t want to accidentally get knocked down by a teammate or tricked by an enemy because you weren’t paying attention.
Hopefully with our guide to playing Mordhau for newbies, it will help you in the process of experiencing the Mordhau action game, always remember that danger is always lurking and if you are subjective or not paying attention, you could fall down at any time. Also you can also use Mordhau’s code have a better experience, can adjust the map, kick other players if they break the game…. gives you control over other controls.

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