Create animations, GIFs from YouTube videos online

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GIF images, also known as animated images, are very popular nowadays Creating GIF animations is very easy with a variety of tools. You can even download animated images, GIFs from Youtube online easily with the instructions in the following article.

GIF is an animated image format that has been around for a long time, but on social networks, sharing GIF animations is quite new. You can create animations from stitching together multiple still image files, or use the service to create GIFs directly from video sharing sites.

Create Gif animation from YouTube videos online

Step 1: Access an online animation service HERE and create a free account

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Step 2: You just need to enter information such as Email, password to log in and press Register is able to use the service

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Step 3: After logging in, you can go to online video sharing services like Youtube and copy the video link you want to make animation

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Step 4: Go back to the homepage and paste the link to the YouTube video you copied into the box as shown in the picture. The system will automatically load and take you to the animation maker.

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Step 5: At the animation maker, you can choose the length, start time, and end of the animation in box Start Time and End Time or can shrink/stretch the purple ruler. After aligning the animation length, you can add effects, stickers, cut, insert text, … in the left column and click blue tick in the lower left corner to complete the animation.

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Step 6: Press No thanks in the dialog box that appears.

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Step 7: Here you will be able to review the animation you have created. In the right column you have options to share on social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, URL, Download your GIF.

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That’s it, you’ve finished creating animations from videos Youtube Help you have funny photos to share on social networks. There are also many other online animation services such as how to create animations with Picason for you to choose the right service to create the most satisfactory animations.

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