Create a Facebook status line on the extremely available background “So Deep”

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Try crafting and creating Facebook status lines on the latest cool and “so deep” available backgrounds with the PicsArt application will definitely help you get unique and creative status templates in front of your friends.

The guide to creating a Facebook status line on the following beautiful and “so deep” available background of is almost not a feature available on Facebook and users will have to use a software called PicsArt for iPhone for iPhone, iPad or PicsArt for Android for Samsung, Oppo, LG phones … combine with your best friend’s creativity to create photos to post colorful and stilted Facebook statuses with friends.


Instructions to create a Facebook status line on an extremely “so deep” available background

You will have two ways to create Facebook status lines with Picsart including inserting handwritten photos or inserting Facebook status lines on creative installation photos. Before creating, please refer to So Deep wallpaper set

Method 1: Create a Facebook status line with available hands

Step 1: Open PicsArt on Android and iPhone, press the sign (+) >Collage > Choose tools like Crop, Stretch, or Perspective to adjust the image angles to fit.


Depending on the tilt angle you want, you can adjust the perspective picture randomly.


Step 2: After editing, the next thing is to drag and select the toolbar More photos under. Then choose a photo with a hand holding a pen to pretend to be writing a Facebook status.


You can adjust the size and angle of the pen handle as you like. At the same time, PicsArt provides layer layers such as Filter, multi-layer, blend, here depending on the perspective of each person, you choose layer types to integrate the hand image accordingly.

After adjusting, press the sign Tick to skip to the save image step.

Step 3: Then you can optionally add effects, edit photos, add text, etc. Press the button arrow to save images to the computer.


You can save photos to your device and share them to your personal PicsArt account if you want.

Similarly you can create other images as follows:


Create Facebook status with available backgrounds.

facebook page

Method 2: Create a Facebook status line with an available background

As for how to create a Facebook status line with an available background, you will need to choose a number of photos with a large space to easily insert images of your Facebook status line into the photo.

Step 1: You do it from the above steps to import photos as well as perspective, crop the image as you like.


Drag the toolbar and select More photos. Select the one-line status image you’ve cropped and created in advance. Press Add To add.

Step 2: And you can already add a status so deep and quite interesting in the image already. You can also easily edit the angle, size and opacity, the effect of that Facebook status image when inserted.

Step 3: Keep pressing the arrow button to Save to your computer and share it with many other PicsArt users.

how to create facebook page with beautiful room

Here are some sample images that has created:


facebook page


facebook page



Attention: With this second way, if you want a picture depicting the hand writing Facebook status, you need to find a JPEG image without a blank background because if you set the image to PNG, the background will be turned black as shown in the image below. image below and it will be difficult to insert the image as desired.

tao status facebook bang nem co san

If you leave the JPEG image blank, you will be able to insert a Facebook status image.


If you choose an image in PNG format, it will create a black background and it will be difficult to insert a Facebook status image.

Facebook now offers many ways for users to create interesting and unique status templates, such as posting colorful Facebook statuses or allowing Facebook statuses to be posted with stickers. However, these are the available features of Facebook and it is difficult to create and edit images according to the user’s wishes, after creating, you just need to post photos on facebook.

Currently there are many ways to help you post colorful Facebook status on facebook, you can choose for yourself your favorite colors such as red, blue, purple… how to create colorful status directly on Facebook Young people love to use.
Wish you all success creating status lines on Facebook with PicsArt extremely unique and so cool!

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