Competing CFL Monthly Cup in Bac Ninh, Can Tho, Binh Duong to receive hot gifts

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For the purpose of building community CFL thrive for each locality, movement league CFL Monthly Cup has been taking place on a national scale. In addition to the opportunity to rub and accumulate experience to prepare for the upcoming big tournaments, the gunner also has the opportunity to exchange and make friends.


At 1pm on Sunday, June 24, 3 CFL Clubs in the provinces of Can Tho, Bac Ninh and Binh Duong will launch a tournament for the community in the provinces. This is a tournament organized by the management of Club CFL with the support of NPH VNG.


· Bac Ninh: Phu Son resort – Phuc Son, Vu Ninh
· Can Tho: Cuu Long Hotel – 52 Quang Trung, An Lac, Ninh Kieu
· Binh Duong: Thien Ha Hotel – 58 KDC Chanh Nghia, City. Thu Dau Mot

Time: 12h – 13h30 on 24/6 will receive registration to compete. The tournament will officially start at 2pm. In particular, gunners who attend will receive free drinks, attractive ingame giftcodes and participate in the competition. The first 60 participants in each province have the opportunity to receive more hot CFL t-shirts.

Prize structure:

· First prize: 2,000,000/ 1 province
· Second prize: 1,000,000/ 1 province
· Third prize: 500,000/ 1 province
· Fourth Prize: 300,000/ 1 province

CFL shooters in 3 provinces of Bac Ninh, Can Tho, and Binh Duong don’t miss the CFL Monthly Cup at 13:00 this Sunday, June 24! Attractive gifts and the opportunity to meet and exchange with fellow snipers with the same passion CrossFire Legends are waiting for you!

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