Famous for her charm, the female streamer was suspected by her biological mother of showing “hot goods” to catch views

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Twitch has long been a popular destination for people all over the world live stream and connect with each other. Don’t just focus on arrays streaming games, Twitch is also a place for people who aren’t gamer chat and share your daily life with “Just Chatting” column. Bintokki – the main character in this story is one of them. With her beautiful appearance and charming way of talking, each of her livestreams attracts a lot of attention from the audience. However, her mother doesn’t think so, she thinks no one would sit in front of a computer screen listening to her daughter babble for hours if she didn’t do something “suspicious and embarrassing” to sentence view.


Bintokki spends almost all of his streaming time chatting with viewers in the “Just Chatting” section and has had quite a bit of success with it. From one streamer anonymous, she gradually attracted a certain audience and from there can make money. But her mother didn’t believe it. It seems that Bintokki’s mother does not understand the essence of the concept of “non-gaming livestream” so she has quite a grudge against streamers like her.

Sharing in her recent livestream, Bintokki said her mother does not understand why there are people who are willing to spend 5 hours just listening to other people talk. For her, there must be some benefit to doing so, and that’s why she suspects Bintokki did something “embarrassing” on live to entice audiences.


There is no denying the fact that nowadays there are many streamers who want to become famous quickly but are willing to defy all tricks such as creating scandals, revealing clothes revealing their skin to attract the attention of the audience, however. Bintokki is not such a person. In all the livestreams, her clothes are very neat and really the only thing she does is chat with the viewers. Perhaps it’s time for older people like Bintokki’s mother to have a more proper view of what a streamer works, especially in the context of Twitch and the rapidly growing streaming platforms today.​

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