Comparing Valorant vs CS GO, which shooter is better?

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Valorant – Riot Games’ new FPS game is receiving a lot of attention and mixed opinions from the gaming community. Many people think that this is a new CS: GO game, even called a copy of CSGO. So what is the truth? Let’s compare Valorant vs CS: GO in the article below!

Valorant is a title shooting game The newly released first-person perspective from Riot Games is attracting a lot of attention from gamers. Although there are different images and graphics from CS:GO but having a similar gameplay has made the gaming community very controversial.

compare the difference between valorant and go

Comparison between Valorant and CS: GO

Link to download the latest Valorant:

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Refer How to download and install Valorant on PC here.

CSGO download link:

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=> Link to download CSGO for PC
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To see if Valorant is different or similar to CS: GO, let’s compare these two games based on some of the following criteria:

1. System requirements, anti-cheat feature

According to Riot Games’ promise when launching the game, Valorant will be the game for most players because the requirements for the PC system are low. Gamers can play games at 30 FPS or even 60 FPS (Riot Games encourages players to play at this FPS). However, with the game CS: GO, it is different. Accordingly, system requirements are quite a big barrier for game players. Players need a high-quality screen with a frequency of 144 HZ to play games smoothly.

but similar and different between valorant and go

Besides, Valorant operates on a 128-tick server, providing the smoothest possible gaming experience for players. This is something Valve can’t bring to its CS:GO players.

Not only that, the publisher Valorant also promises that you will experience a great anti-cheat system. Meanwhile, Valve’s anti-cheat system in CSGO still has many shortcomings.

2. How to play

There are actually quite a few distinct similarities in gameplay between Counter Strike and Valorant. In fact, both games feature 5v5 matches where the player must plant bombs on one of three locations on the map in order to eliminate an opponent. Both teams need to buy skills and guns before starting combat. You will need to be as thoughtful and frugal as possible.

In addition, the shooting mechanics of the two games are almost identical. The performance of each gun is affected by many factors, so players have to practice a lot to be able to master it. Accordingly, the accuracy of the player’s shooting is reduced when the player shoots while moving, so the player needs to observe carefully, stop and align properly when shooting the target. In addition, players will be able to run faster when holding knives or lower-weight guns. In general, the gameplay of Valorant and CSGO is very similar.

3. Skills and characters

With Valorant, you need to choose your character before the match starts. These characters have their own set of skills with ultimate skill cooldowns similar to Counter-Strike. Some skills like flashbang, smoke grenade and Molotov are the same as in CSGO but there are also some other skills that you won’t find in CSGO. Those are skills such as poison cloud, healing or teleporting to a location.

However, it is necessary to know the valorant and its partners

Besides, it can be seen that the power of the ultimate skill of both games can be used to change the course of the battle, but this skill takes a long time to recover.

You can refer to more details Valorant game character skills so that you can use it better.

4. Weapons and armor

Basically, the weapons in Valorant and Valve’s shooter are quite similar. Accordingly, there are 6 different types of weapons: pistols, submachine guns (SMGs), rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles and heavy guns. For example, when it comes to guns in the pistol category, the Frenzy (Valorant) is akin to the CZ-75 in CSGO, while the Sheriff is the Desert Eagle headshot in Counter-Strike. Regarding sniper rifles, the Operator in Valorant seems to be the “younger brother” of the AWP in CS: GO.

difference between valorant and other
In terms of armor, the armor in Valorant is quite similar to the Kevlar armor in CS: GO. Just like Valve’s famous shooting game, Riot also includes 2 types of armor according to weight and more specifically, light armor and heavy armor. These types of armor are quite similar to Kevlar or Kevlar+ to help protect players in CS: GO games. Although not identical, there are quite a few similarities.

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