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I Am Hokage – NPH MGP’s attractive IDLE card game, gamers will experience PvP & PvE battles from shinobi from many different villages. Along with that are the latest Code I Am Hokage that many players are waiting for.

On the occasion of the release of the new game Ta La Hokage, NPH Manga Play gives gamers a lot of Code Ta La Hokage for the Ninja to receive free VIP levels, Le Kim and SSS generals to race TOP fighting force.

1. Game Introduction I Am Hokage

I Am Hokage Owning a familiar general card game, sharp 2D anime graphics with character creation similar to famous characters in anime/manga increase the excitement for gamers when owning favorite characters in the series. story.

2. Main features of the game I Am Hokage

– Attractive combat effects
– A diverse cast of characters from the famous Naruto series
– Unique character leveling and battle attributes
– Many activities PvP, PvE overcome, level up, tower training, …


Summary of the latest Giftcode I Am Hokage

3. What are the benefits of entering the Code I Am Hokage?

As Taimienphi has informed above, entering Code I Am Hokage, players will have more Le Kim, SSS Generals, Path Fragments, Common Awakening Cards, Magical Weapons that increase the level of Enchantments … and dozens of other upgrade materials. free.

4. List of Codes I Am Hokage

Currently there is no Code Ta La Hokage, the game is in development and will be released in November. Taimienphi will update the latest Giftcode I Am Hokage to readers as soon as information is available.

5. How to enter the Code I Am Hokage


6. How to get more Code I Am Hokage

During this time, readers participate in attractive events at Fanpage or Group to receive the latest Code Ta La Hokage, Loan launch to receive Game Code Ta La Hokage, Share Trailer to receive GiftCode Ta La Hokage.
– Fanpage I Am Hokage:
– Group I Am Hokage:
– Website to receive other GAME CODE here:

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