Chi Ton Dai Chu immediately download the card game with captivating graphics

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The Great Lord of the Sun is a title card game mobile game based on the novel Dai Tru Tu, taking the fantasy theme of a different world, the character classes are all dressed in a Japanese anime style, plus beautiful 3D graphics, contributing to creating a mystical world. virtual version of Chi Ton Dai Chu Tu.


The world of the game includes poetic scenes matching the novels such as Upper Co Thien Quan, Northern Lam Nguyen, gradually appearing before the players’ eyes, a mysterious oriental character of the palaces, green forests… give players an experience in a fanciful fantasy world of Dai Chu Tu.


It is known that the design team of the game comes from famous experts, they had to think about how to keep the original of the novel, while adding a few modern elements so that the game does not get too boring. Joining the game, players will be transformed into classic characters in the novel, after each character is awakened, they can change attributes and abilities…


In addition to the classic characters of the novel, there are also a few other characters added, helping players to choose, along with which you can coordinate many different characters in groups to go to the doctor together. destroy the world of Dai Chu Tu, each character has a unique skill, if you learn how to combine it, the game will become easy for you. The game also has sub-systems, and many interesting challenges are waiting for you.


Now the game is officially available on mobile platforms, if you love a card role-playing game with a character system and beautiful graphics, then download the game right away at the link below.​​

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