Change password WiFi Gold Tel, change password Model WiFi Gold Tel

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How to change WiFi Gold Tel password, change password Model WiFi Gold Tel when you feel that your WiFi password may have been exposed, leading to unstable network connection. The following trick will help you to solve this problem.

Software like inSSIDer is always the enemy of secured WiFi networks. The inSSIDer software helps people around you find WiFi, even detect your password if it’s too simple. Therefore, sometimes you find your home connection slows down, lags, is when WiFi is most likely to have been detected and used.

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Change password WiFi Gold Tel, change password Model WiFi Gold Tel

Then, you can use WiFi acceleration tips to improve network quality. Only if you use all 10 WiFi speeding tips and still can’t improve the abnormal lag of your home line, that means your WiFi pass has been exposed. On the Gold Tel line of VNPT, to change the WiFi Gold Tel pass, you need to follow the instructions below.

Change password WiFi Gold Tel, change password Model WiFi Gold Tel

Step 1: Access the address . Enter account and password:

Default account name: admin
Default password: admin

Note:The above account name and password is the default of the device, but it can be changed by the installer, the network connection has changed from before.

Then press Log in.

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Step 2: In the Gold Tel Modem interface, select Network.

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Step 3: Select next Security and select WLAN.

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Step 4: In the Pre-Shared Key is the WiFi password you are using. Change the new WiFi Gold Tel password and press Apply Changes to save the new password.

WiFi Gold Tel

Wait a moment for the Router to restart and update the new WiFi password. Once done, the previous network connections will be disconnected, you need to enter a new password to continue using WiFi.

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With the above steps, you have changed the Gold Tel wifi pass of VNPT network. For other carriers, depending on the Model, the way to change WiFi Gold Tel pass will be slightly different, will update the most innovative way to readers. You can also refer to how to change the wifi password of some other companies such as FPT or Viettel, like the article instead change wifi password Gpon FPT Or how to change Viettel wifi password.

When using WiFi, there will be times when you will encounter a Limited Access error that prevents your computer from accessing WiFi. After fixing the Limited Access error, you can remove the yellow exclamation mark on WiFi and use the wireless network normally.

Many people will wonder how to change Wifi password? If you are using VNPT’s Wifi network, changing VNPT wifi password is not too difficult, it will help you secure the network more safely.

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