Bloodhound’s new Apex Legends: Heirloom has a base price of $170

Bloodhound's new Apex Legends: Heirloom has a base price of $170

The Iron Crown Collection event debuted in Apex Legends with a new Battle Pass featuring 12 Epic items, 12 Legendary items, new currency, a separate store to use this money, new loot boxes and temporary solo mode, plus series of challenges. All of this comes out in the middle of Season 2 with 100 levels to plow for the new Battle Pass.

The biggest reward of this Battle Pass is Raven’s Bite, a rare Heirloom melee weapon skin for Bloodhound. The Heirloom weapons are one tier higher than the Legendary in Apex – being the rarest non-craftable, and as of today, non-purchaseable items.

To own Ranve’s Bite means you have to pay a lot of money for the right to pay more!

First, the player must unlock 24 new Apex Iron Crown items. To get Iron Crown items, you must purchase the Iron Crown pack. Pack Iron Crown costs 700 Apex coin, equivalent to $7 (Apex rewards extra currency if you buy multiple at once).

In addition, you can earn Iron Crown packs by completing each of the two challenges: dealing 25,000 damage and knocking out 20 times per day. If you do, you only have to buy another 22 packs, or a minimum of $160 USD if buying in bulk, to get 18,200 Apex Coins to complete the set.

Then after that, you have to spend another 3500 Apex Coins to own Raven’s bite. In total, $170 is the minimum amount you have to pay to get this ax and 24 other items in the Iron Crown Collection.

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With that money, players can buy themselves a good gaming headset – if you think about it this way, many people would rather buy a headset than spend money just to get an ax.

Wraith’s three Heirloom items are only available in the standard Apex Pack, priced at $1 each. Respawn says the Heirloom Set has a drop rate of less than 1% in any of these Apex packs, and you’re guaranteed to get one Heirloom set in 500 packs. So the maximum amount that a player must spend to receive Wraith’s knife is $500.

It can be seen that this time Raven’s Bite is quite affordable. Instead of having to spend tons of coins waiting to open, you can now buy Raven’s Bite directly. When this event ends in two weeks, Raven’s Bite will be moved into the standard Apex pack, much like Wraith’s Heirloom knife.

Iron Crown Collection is a complicated event, and Respawn is definitely testing how much money players will be willing to spend. And the new Legendary skin is really beautiful. Paying $7 in a loot box for a 50% chance of unlocking one of the 12 Legendary skins is actually pretty high, but it’s nothing compared to the $18 you pay to get a Legendary skin in the Apex Legends store currently.

The gaming community has begun to react negatively to the high prices of these items. “I’m so sorry Respawn, but this is where you guys made me go” was the most voted comment on the game’s reddit forum. The top three comments encourage players not to spend money. “Most of the items and skins are very nice, but at the current price, we need to rethink,” another said. “Should it be obvious that, to unlock all the items in the event, you have to shell out $200?” another asked. “Quite disappointed, but not too surprised,” another comment read. “I will not take my wallet out for this event and I advise you to do the same if you want to condemn this oppressive pricing policy.”

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