Blockman Go: Tips to improve PvP skills

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In Blockman Go, PvP skills are very important in many games. Let’s learn tips to improve PvP skills when playing Blockman Go Please!

How to play PvP in Blockman Go

If you want to enjoy a game inside a game, then you can’t miss the mini-game store of Blockman Go. Besides, you can make friends via chat feature in online multiplayer mode.

Teaming up or playing 1 vs 1 with strangers on the Internet is one of Blockman Go’s greatest attractions. It has tons of mini-games available, including Bed Wars, Egg War, Lucky Blocks, Realm City… You can create characters and customize them with different style outfits. That allows you to be anyone in this world.

PvP in Blockman Go Really a challenge for new players. If you’re wondering how to become a good PvP player in Blockman Go, don’t hesitate to refer to the tips below!

Tips to help you increase PvP skills in Blockman Go

In Blockman Go, not all mini-games require PvP skills. You will only need it if you choose to play Bed Wars, Egg Wars, Sky Royale.

First, remember to play PvP to improve your mobility and aiming. When trying to master the skill of aiming, you can easily defeat your opponent. You can practice it by using diamond armor to fight longer. This will greatly improve your moves. Try to aim at the enemy’s back because that’s their weakest point. Another advantage of being in a long fight is that your reflexes will get better, so you can take out three to four enemies at once!

Mini-games in Blockman Go

When you continuously practice on 1vs1 rounds, you will see a significant improvement in PvP skills. Let’s continue like that until the moves are well managed in Blockman Go. Once you master the action, you can go further by using leverage for a longer fight. The goal is to get your fingers used to all the skirmishes over a longer period of time so that you can play without pain and, at the same time, move faster and smoother.

Improve Parkour skill in Bed Wars

Bed Wars is one of Blockman Go’s most beloved mini-games. In this game, you and your teammates have to protect the Bed base and use all resources to destroy the other team’s bed. You must make full use of your PvP skills here, including parkour. You must also become a master of skill and speed when fighting 1 on 1 with the enemy. There are many tactics that should be used here such as ambushes, rushing, fighting, strengthening, Runes, increasing special skills, planning…

Besides, parkour is a simple skill that you can master. The first is Stair Bridging. If you’re just starting out, change the sensitivity to zero first to lock the view. If the jump is high, the cursor will rotate while you are bridging. Then walk and don’t run so you don’t fall. You have to jump & quickly place 1 block in front of you. The benefit of Stair Bridging is to open the way for teammates. If hit by an enemy, you will only fall back a step or two without getting hurt.

A PvP war in Blockman Go

The second type is Reverse Stair Bridging. You don’t have to change the settings, but you need to switch to walking instead of running. To reverse the stairs, switch controls to the back, then jump and place blocks higher than the last one. You can use this reverse bridge when being chased by enemies because it allows you to observe the enemy while blocking the way for them to come close to you.

Side Bridging is another type of parkour. Although it does not need to be used much, however, this skill can help you in the future. Neo Jump is a type of parkour that helps you jump to the opposite side without falling. You need to reduce the sensitivity so that the viewing angle does not rotate too much.

Here are the tips improve PvP skills while playing Blockman Go. Hope the article is useful to you.

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