AVA: Dog Tag – FPS Online is revived despite the struggling developer

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Despite facing many economic obstacles, the Korean developer Red Duck is still determined to re-release the title FPS games its fame in the North American and European markets. Named Alliance of Valiant Arms: Dog Tag, Red Duck has completely embraced this game, so there are many new options in creative ideas and direct interaction with the community. Red Duck has also released an extremely detailed roadmap with a series of changes that are adjusted based on the evaluation collected from the Alpha phase.

Currently, players can team up and fight in Annihilation or Demolition mode as they like, in addition to many other game mechanics in development to be released in the next few months. Annihilation mode gives players an experience similar to the classic Team Death Match mechanism, and playing according to Demolition will be divided into two opposing factions, the European Allies (EU) and the NRF extremists. (Neo Russian Federation). According to traditional FPS gameplay, the EU side will have to work to defuse the strategic bomb that the NRF has planted, or ideally, prevent the bomb from activating.

From a tactical perspective, players have three options for their character class. For gamers who want to fight on the front, Point Man (Pioneer) will be the most appropriate choice, because this character class specializes in close-range combat, the main weapons used are SMGs and shotguns. . In long-range combat, there will be a Sniper (sniper) class that can hide in every corner of the map, scouting and eliminating potential threats from a distance. Finally, for those of you who are just starting out or want a variety of gameplay, Rifleman is the most suitable class for you. The weapon that the player chooses to use for this class will determine the character’s life and death on the battlefield. Red duck will open the closed beta of AVA Dog Tag until September 18, 2018 and set up a chat channel on Discord for the gaming community to get to know each other and exchange experiences.

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