After ‘Infinity War’, what will be the fate of supporting roles that do not appear in the ending?

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(Warning article with movie content spoiler!)

Avengers: Infinity War has swept cinemas for nearly a month. Surely a lot of fans of the cinematic universe Marvel was soon in theaters to see this masterpiece. There are many people after watching Infinity War Everyone is terrified of the cruelty of the evil Thanos and more and more looking forward to the next part to know how the superheroes can fight the “infinity war” when Thanos has collected all 6. Stone. Moreover, at the end of the movie, after Thanos snapped his fingers to destroy half of the universe, in addition to the Avengers army suffered heavy casualties, many members such as: Scallet Witch, Black Panther, Spider-Man or the whole group Guardians of the Galaxy… were all dissolved into ashes. Currently there are only Avengers Early life includes: Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hulk, Thor and Hawkeye (unknown whereabouts) is still alive. There are also many supporting characters that do not appear at the end of this episode, which also makes the audience curious as to whether they are among the half of the universe that disappeared. Recently, the Russo brothers gave an interview and revealed the fate of these supporting characters.

Jane Foster (Thor’s Ex-Girlfriend) – Status: Undisclosed

In the series about Thor, Jane Foster serves as the girlfriend of the Thunder God. Although they have broken up now, the Russo brothers said that the character was related to the later script, so they could not reveal her life and death status after that. Avengers 3. However, the actress who played Jane – Natalie Portman also shared her intention to return MCU their own, so it is possible that Jane and Thor will have the ability to reunite in the future.


Betty Ross (Hulk’s ex-girlfriend) – Status: Dead

Although Betty Ross is an important character in the movie The Incredible Hulkhowever, she has never appeared in any of ‘s other films MCU. Previously, there was also speculation that Betty would return in Avengers: Infinity War But that did not happen. Currently, director Russo has revealed the harsh truth that despite not appearing, Betty Ross is one of the people who were turned to ashes by Thanos.


Korg and Miek (Thor’s battle buddies) – Status: Undisclosed

Surely everyone still remembers the rock guy Korg and his friend Miek who helped Thor in the battle against Hela in Thor: Ragnarok. About the fate of these two characters, the director also refused to reveal. However, considering the initial scene in the movie when Thanos hit Asgard’s spaceship, it is possible that Korg and Miek have escaped and will reappear to help Thor in the battle. Avengers 4.


Princess Shuri (Black Panther’s sister) – Status: Undisclosed

As a person whose brain is considered the most intelligent MCU, the presence of Shuri will certainly help a lot for the Avengers army. In Infinity WarShuri appeared briefly in the scene helping Vision remove the infinity stone from his head, but by the time Thanos destroyed most of the inhabitants of Wakanda, there was no appearance of Shuri. The Russo brothers revealed that this princess is also closely related to the later scenario, so there is a high chance that Shuri is not turned to ashes like her Black Panther brother.


Lady Sif (Thor’s comrade) – Status: Dead

Previously, there was information that Lady Sif did not appear in Thor 3: Ragnarok is because of contract issues with actress Jaimie Alexander. It is very likely that this character will also continue to “disappear”. Because director Russo has confirmed that Lady Sif was also turned to ash after Thanos’ snap and will of course not appear in the movie. Avengers 4.


Ned (Spider-Man’s best friend) – Status: Undisclosed

IT-savvy Ned is a special assistant for teenage Spider-Man in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Although the Spider-boy was turned to ashes in Iron Man’s arms, Russo revealed that Ned was also involved in the script, so he may still be alive.


Aunt May (Spider Man’s Aunt) – Status: Alive

Spider Man’s charming aunt is also one of the notable characters in Spider-Man: Homecoming. And it seems that the “Spider Spider” is always dirty when he is an Avenger turned to ashes, while his best friend and aunt are still alive. However, with Aunt May’s love for Peter, when she learns of her grandson’s end in the war, Aunt May will surely be heartbroken.


Nakia (Black Panther’s ex-girlfriend) – Status: Undisclosed

In Black PantherNakia is a character built with a perfect image, she is also Black Panther’s previous girlfriend and also helps T’Challa a lot in the construction of the country. According to the Russo brothers, in Avengers 3, she was out on another mission so she didn’t join the fight against Thanos and the Avengers. Although they did not reveal Nakia’s fate, it is possible that the “future queen” of the Wakanda kingdom was lucky to escape the destruction of Thanos.


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