Gaze at the “Perfect” combat phase of Dragon Ball FighterZ gamers

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“Perfect” is a common word in the community fighting games, referring to the impossibly perfect matches when one side defeats the other without losing a single drop of blood. Just by listening to it, you can understand how difficult it is to achieve Perfect in a match, especially in professional tournaments that gather countless players.

However, within the framework of the SoCal Regionals tournament that took place last weekend, a gamer was able to execute such a perfect combat phase, making the audience’s eyes widen as he watched him force his opponent to death against a wall. without losing a single drop of blood.


The story begins with the encounter of Kazunoko and Dogura – 2 of the community’s most talented professional gamers Dragon Ball FighterZ Japan. Before this match, experts speculated that this would be an extremely tense match with very close results.. but they did not know how wrong they were.


As soon as it started, Kid Buu Dogura’s is expected to be able to pre-empt the opponent soon due to this warrior’s famous skill set.. However, as soon as the opening whistle sounded, Kazunoko rushed in with unbelievable speed, giving Gotenks Go ahead and crush your enemies with a 40-hit combo. Immediately after seeing off Kid Buu to a distant place, Kazunoko immediately deployed Gohan with help from Yamchacontinue to preempt Goku of Dogura with a fierce fighting stance. In the end, Kazunoko let both Gotenks, Gohan and Yamcha perform super moves… ending the Round with a Perfect result.

Readers can witness Kazunoko’s frantic moment here:

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