Admiring gamers, it only took 9 hours to destroy GTA 5 island without getting hit

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As for the hotness of GTA 5, there is no need to argue much. That is probably also part of the reason why Rockstar has not yet announced a new sequel, because even though it has been released for nearly 10 years, the number of GTA 5 players is still very large, bringing a huge source of revenue. Besides the new updates, the GTA 5 community also knows how to refresh its experience by offering challenges to break. For example, the gamer in the article, who tried to break the GTA 5 island without receiving a single hit.


Over the years, many challenges have been given by the community to complete GTA 5 in the most unique way, with the least amount of time. With a game as violent as GTA 5, avoiding getting hit is definitely one of the hardest tasks. But of course, the more difficult the challenge, the more glorious the feeling of victory will be and in the end, someone has done that seemingly impossible thing.

The gamer we mentioned is named UnNameD. To push things to the next level, UnNameD also uses a mod that reduces the HP of the three main characters to 1 and disables Trevor’s Red Mist ability, meaning even the lightest hit can lead to damage. to death and game over. However, with carefully crafted strategy, top skill and a bit of luck, UnNameD finally successfully completed the challenge after 47 failed attempts. Moreover, this gamer also only took 9 hours to clear the island, it can be said that UnNameD is the first person to do this so far.

After sharing on Reddit, many GTA 5 players couldn’t help but admire UnNameD’s skillful skills. Some even think that other than UnNameD, there will be no one to break this record in the future. Of course, no one can confirm anything, but at this point, UnNameD can certainly be proud of what it has done. The upcoming GTA 5 will also be released for the new generation of consoles with many improvements in graphics and game quality.

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