Sony’s face when Spider-Man defeated God of War

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The game Mavel’s Spider-Man co-produced by Sony, Marvel and Insomniac Games can be said to exceed the expectations of the gaming community. This is a rare superhero game product that achieves effective communication when every corner of this cult game is not only filled with breakthrough creativity but also attracts the community’s desire to own this game. fellow gamers.


Currently, Sony is confidently declaring that after only 3 days of launch from September 7, Marvel Spider-Man was sold with a huge number of more than 3.3 million copies, and at the same time became the first game in Sony’s history to have such a huge sales volume.

John Bubniak – actor sim for Peter Parker in Spider-Man

It is known that this year there is another game that has been highly anticipated and has been released to the gaming community, which is the blockbuster God of War. Right after this game was released on the market, it also set a record of “consumption” becoming Sony’s best-selling game with an achievement of 3.1 million copies in 3 days, but still. Now, God of War has been lost to this record by his juniors, even surpassing it impressively.

Marvel Spider-Man not only allows gamers to experience the feeling of lightheadedness and joy in “shooting webs” throughout the city, in addition, there are also 28 battle armor and later continue to add the story of SilverSable and Spider-Man. BlackCat along with many other armors, this is why gamers love this game so much. Not to mention the selfie mode that helps gamers save the best moments and scenes in the game.

“Black Cat”

In the coming days, two exclusive games on one Sony platform, Days Gone and Ghost of Tsushima, respectively, are also expected to create great achievements like the ones in the series. Spiderman have done. Let’s look forward to it!

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