Accidentally buying a pirated PS4 controller, the former White House secretary blamed China

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Not only games, pirated goods appear everywhere, in all fields. Former White House Secretary Ari Fleischer became one of the victims when the bad guys bought the handle PS4 fake on Amazon. After learning that he bought contraband, he immediately posted a status on Twitter blaming China entirely. Although China is famous for being a fake paradise, from fake 1, fake 2, to fake n, everything is there, but it cannot be denied that the fault is partly due to the carelessness of the buyer.


Ari Fleischer, a press secretary who worked under President George W. Bush, recently purchased a PS4 controller on Amazon. Unfortunately, when brought back to use, this controller is not compatible with the pre-existing PS4 console and the reason is easy to see – the controller is contraband. In the post on Twitter, Fleischer pointed out the error of the handle and more notably, he blamed China entirely, advising people not to trust this country. The post has now been removed.


“Another reason not to believe in China: I bought it for my kids game console PS4, then bought another controller on Amazon. That handle is made in China, of course – and it doesn’t work. It’s just trash.”

For those who are not followers of PS4, it is very easy to buy fake goods because counterfeits are now sophisticatedly designed that if not closely observed, buyers can hardly recognize. The PS4 controller in this case, although the model is quite similar to the real thing, if you look closely, the button symbols on the right are incorrect. Instead of squares, triangles, circles and Xs, the symbols on the contraband are partially cut off. However, the most noticeable is the Home button on the handle, if in the real version there is a logo PlayStation If you are familiar, counterfeit goods only have the word “P4”. On the back of the handle is also labeled “Made in China” and this is probably the main reason why the former secretary blamed China.


Although this fake handle is made in China, it is clear that the cause is also partly due to the carelessness of the buyer. Moreover, if you consider it, the American company Amazon itself is at fault in this when it comes to selling fake goods, nor does it publicly make a caption in the product description to let customers know this is a 3rd party controller. , is not a genuine PlayStation product.

This is also an experience for those who are intending to buy a PS4 or any electronics, especially from an intermediary provider like Amazon.​

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