A detailed introduction to Agent Killjoy – German genius Sentinel in Valorant

Today Funny game will give you the article on how to play Killjoy with the skills and tips of the genius girl Virtue, first Agent Sentinel is extremely annoying in Valorant. And Funny game Find out!

Agent Killjoy - Valorant

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1. Killjoy’s Biography

Real name: #.

nationality: Germany.

Sex: Female.

Role: Sentinel (Multi-purpose skill group and support for teammates before and after fighting).

Killjoy is an engineer who Virtue debuted in Valorant at stage Act II. Her skills are well-suited to protecting important positions and serving as a very effective Sentinel.

Killjoy suitable for players who have the skill of predicting the enemy team’s direction to set up their machines. So when you meet the players Killjoy Highly skilled, it will be very difficult to push up as well as put spike.

2. Killjoy skill set

Skill C – Nanoswarm (Electromagnetic storm):

Killjoy places a nano on the ground and becomes invisible for a preset time. The electromagnetic wave deals 15 continuous damage every 0.3 seconds for a duration of 6 seconds. This skill is often used to lock corners and also combine skills Q – Alarmbot will help to optimize the effectiveness of the 2 skills.

  • Lasts 5 seconds.
  • Kill enemies with 100 health over 2 seconds.
  • If the enemy is standing close enough to see the device, they are within range of damage.
  • Make a sound when it is hidden.

Skill Q – Alarmbot:

Deploy a robot that functions as a sensing machine. When installed, the robot will be stealthed similar to an electromagnetic storm and if the enemy gets close it will explode with no damage but with an effect of taking additional damage from all sources.

  • Alarmbot direct vision is required to activate. Smoke, flash and walls can lose its capabilities.
  • Smoke of Omen Empty inside, if you put it up Alarmbot Then inside, it will see you.
  • The earthquakes of Breach does not work on alarm bot.
  • Two classic bullets are required to destroy a camouflage bot, but only one to kill an activated bot.
  • Jett can dodge the blast with her javelin.
  • The bot explosion occurred in an area and affected all players present, even himself Killjoy and her ally.
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Skill F – Turret (Automatic Artillery):

Deploying a pile, it will fire when an enemy is in 180-degree field of vision and the farther it is, the more damage from the pile will be reduced, a minimum of 4 damage per bullet. Specifically, it will fire 3 rounds of bullets, 3 bullets each. Each bullet will deal 8 damage for a distance of 0 – 20 meters, 6 damage for a distance of 20 – 35 meters, and 4 damage for a distance of 35 meters or more.

  • The turret is accurate even when the enemy is at a very long distance, so install it in places where the turret has good visibility, where it can track more area and places where the opponent will be harder to destroy .
  • If the turret has locked an opponent but lost direct view due to smoke, the turret will continue to fire through the smoke.

Ultimate move – X – Lockdown Ultimate (Lock cage command):

Killjoy deploys a device capable of charging for 12 seconds and shoots out an electromagnetic wave that has a disarm effect (Causes enemies to almost stun, unable to use guns or skills).

  • A good trick for this skill is to use it on the boom area to lock space and time in the last moments of the game.

3. Effective defense strategy for Killjoy

  • Put a Nanoswarm on Alarmbot, When these two skills are combined simultaneously, it will kill the enemy in a split second.
  • In addition to starting to fire, the Turret also makes a special noise when it sees enemies, so it can also serve as an alarm.
  • Her weakness is the time to prepare her traps. Therefore, she will exert her best when protecting Spike of our team. Since the enemy was in a forced position to come close to her, they would make the mistake of crashing into traps.
  • With the ultimate, it takes 12 seconds to charge and 8 seconds to apply crowd control, Killjoy can prevent the enemy team from getting close to the bomb field for 55% of the time possible to destroy Spike.
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4. Points to note when you want to choose Killjoy

Make sure you are a moderate player and wait for you Killjoy There is a tendency to best promote strength, not to defend, not push. But with the saying of the gaming community Fps “If you have good shooting skills, all your skills Agent are all useless. ”I wish you a lot of spectacular matches Killjoy.

5. Video trailer introducing the agent Killjoy in Valorant

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