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Before entering the Three Realms of 3D Dynamic Sword, don’t forget to receive 3D Dynamic Sword Code and gifts from Gamota publisher, they help you level up your character, skills and equipment for a better experience.

One of the attractions of Dynamic Sword 3D It is about character creation, the ability to customize the costumes to make the character gorgeous, making a strong impression on the player.

3d code

Game Tien Hiep MMORPG on mobile

3D Dynamic Sword Code

– HENUOC5000
– HENUOC7000
– HENUOC9000

How to get 3D Dynamic Sword Code

There are many ways for gamers to own 3D Dynamic Swords Code, participate in events on Fanpage, forum or official website.

Event 1: Launch trailer to receive gifts like a dream
– Reward: 3D Dynamic Earn Code worth 999K
– Link to join: Event 1

Event 2: Looking for a genius to explore the Nine Heavens
– Reward: 3D Dynamic Earning Code worth 888K
– Link to join: Event 2

Event 3: Message Fanpage to receive gifts immediately
– Reward: 3D Dynamic Earning Code from Admin
– Link to join: Event 3

Or you can visit the official website of 3D Dynamic Swords here and participate in the Dating event, the more players register for Dating, the bigger the reward, corresponding to each milestone are different gifts.

3d code 2

Instructions for using 3D Dynamic Sword Code

Currently, the 3D Dynamic Sword Code entry feature cannot be used, players who own the gift code must wait until the GiftCode input function appears. Taimienphi will update the method to gamers as soon as possible.

Super product Lord of the Rings Mobile was also released yesterday, Code Lord of the Rings Mobile includes many high-level weapons, fashion costumes, mounts, pets, gold and other materials to help you players not to be hit in the beginning.

Link download game Sword Dynamic 3D

Adapted from the original version on PC, Sword Dong 3D brings players to the world of Tien Hiep, the setting is based on the famous Chinese novel Emperor Jue Tian.
– Link to download Android version: 3D Dynamic Sword for Android
– Link to download iOS version: 3D Dynamic Sword for iPhone

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