3 great features on Facebook that you probably didn’t know

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The following 3 Facebook features that you must have used once, are really the best features on Facebook for users.

With the following 3 features on Facebook, you will surely see that Facebook is not just an entertainment virtual social network, every time you go to Facebook, you log in to Facebook to see a lot of new things or events that Facebook night again. Because that makes every Facebook login more interesting with many unexpected memories appearing, that’s also the reason why this Facebook social network has many users, estimated at more than 1 billion people. Facebook sign up.

3 great features on Facebook that you probably didn’t know

Happy birthday video

3 crystals on facebook

Happy birthday is a meaningful way to celebrate the birthday of friends and acquaintances. Facebook really cares about users when it comes to this feature. You can see the happy birthday video sent from Facebook with the content of the photos you have posted with meaningful wishes. You can also share this video for everyone to see. Although it only lasts 40 seconds, this is really a very special spiritual gift that Facebook gives to users

Slideshow on Facebook

3 crystals on facebook

Slideshow allows you to review the images users posted during the day. Facebook will make it available to you, you can preview, customize the video effect to suit your liking, then share this video on your own wall so everyone can see it.

Video to celebrate friends

3 crystals on facebook

When Facebook users make friends with each other, Facebook will keep the time as well as the memories that the two people have experienced together. When it turns five, Facebook will remind users of a video that captures the two people’s shared moments. The video will be more than 1 minute long, the content is the images of both people. This is a way to remember your friendship as well as relax when looking back on your own memories

Above are 3 great Facebook features that you may not know about although we see it appearing quite often, here are 3 features on Facebook that appear on each of your memories so if you pay attention make sure I’m sure you’ll see it with your friends more. The more friends you have, the more memories you will have, if you are facing the problem of too many friend requests, why make mass Facebook friends with our following tips, see how make Facebook friends in bulk and follow it.

However, making friends is selective, and in addition, you should also be careful to prevent fraudsters from stealing your facebook password, then it will be very difficult for you to retrieve your facebook password, so please Regularly change your Facebook password, changing your Facebook password will help you avoid losing your Facebook password.

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