How to play Zingplay Cloud Garden on your phone

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In the midst of busy modern life, have you ever wanted to experience the feeling of slowing down, planting, harvesting and producing agricultural products? Want to relax and enjoy the most idyllic things? What are you waiting for without downloading and playing Cloud Garden on your phone to experience that peaceful feeling.

After the success on the Web version, you can now download and play Zingplay Cloud Garden on your phone. The garden in the clouds recreates the fairy world similar to the game Hay Day, Township, Farmville 2, Big Farm, .. right in your hand. A peaceful and simple cloud farm with lovely fairy characters. The game is a combination of a farm game and a puzzle game that is both fun and creative, in which players have to perform a lot of tasks to plant and take care of the plants in their property.

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How to download and play Zingplay Cloud Garden mobile

I. Instructions for downloading and installing Zingplay Cloud Garden

Step 1: Access link below to go to the download page Rattan garden.
– Link to download Android version: Cloud Garden for Android here.
– Link to download iOS version: Cloud garden for iPhone here.

Step 2: Click [Link File 1] => choose Setting to start downloading the game.

How to play the game zone on the Android phone

Step 3: Once the download is complete, press Play to open the game. The first time you enter the game you will need log in sign up account.

How to play the area on the screen on the phone on iOS

II. Instructions to play Zingplay Cloud Garden

1. Harvesting agricultural products
– This will be your main task, agricultural products are important to help you develop your garden.

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2. Planting seeds
– After harvesting agricultural products, you will get the seeds of that type of agricultural product, sow the seeds and wait for the plants to mature. When harvesting you will receive double the amount of agricultural products.

How to set up and control the area on the phone on the phone

3. Catching bugs
– During the growth of the plant, there will be bugs attached, you will need to catch them so that the plant can continue to grow.

How to install and fix the area on the device on iOS phones

4. Pot Upgrade
– When entering, your potted plant will be an earthen pot with nothing special. However, when you meet some small conditions, you can easily upgrade your pot to have new stats.

How to install and fix the area on the device on the Android phone

5. Create products from agricultural products
– Each cloud layer will have a cocoon. After you are eligible to unlock the cocoon, a machine will appear for you to create new products from the obtained agricultural products.

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6. Sales
– One way to easily get experience and gold is to sell the items you have. When you meet the requirements of an order. you can deliver and receive the same amount and experience as on the coupon you choose.

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In addition to the main features mentioned above, there are many other features and events for you to learn and experience. The special thing about this game is that the player does not need to be on the computer, because the Garden in the Clouds works in real time. Therefore, while waiting for agricultural products to develop, you can experience more similar games in Top fun farm games to own and develop multiple farms at the same time.
There are many other good things on mobile that you can experience like Free Fire or Minecraft for iPhone, DLS 2022 … in which Free Fire is a survival shooter, Minecraft for iOS is a construction game and DLS 2022 is a professional football management game, all of which support Android and iOS operating systems.

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