20 ghost stories about games are circulated online (P2)

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Part II:

Bot threatens to kill gamers – CS 1.6

Any of us have played CS 1.6 and confront the mindless bots for once. They are simply pre-programmed pieces of code that mechanically react to each scenario the developer creates. However, the story of sh4d0w18 takes place in a much more spooky direction. Accordingly, when playing in an 8v8 match, this player was accidentally killed by a bot and got angry. Immediately he opened the Console window and typed the command to kill all bots in the game screen.. which is also an action that has become familiar to everyone.


However, when revived, sh4d0w18’s eyes suddenly looked down at the bottom of the screen and from where a chat line appeared. With completely offline play and the simple functionality of bots back then, it was completely impossible for a chat line to pop up. However, in front of sh4d0w18, there is still a short text.. “Kill:Console”.. and next is a Russian word that when translated means simply “Kill”. Just “Kill”.. that’s all.

The letter from the afterlife – Mario Paint

A gamer with the nickname “hellobethy” recounted the story many years ago when he was only 8 years old. At that time, this gamer received Mario Paint – a game that simulates a drawing program with a Mario theme as a birthday present. However, after turning on the game, he saw nothing but a black screen. After waiting for a very long time, the game suddenly appeared a drawing with a birthday cake and the words below dedicated “Happy Birthday Will from Aunt Rene!”.. Only the gamer’s aunt Rene. This one died more than a month ago in a car accident. Hellobethy immediately jumped out of the machine and turned it off immediately. During that time, he hardly told anyone about the incident.


After more than 20 years when he was an adult and when his father died, he sat down to review this story with everyone. Strangely, all family members remember the exact event when turning on the device.. however, no one told it because they were too shocked.

The game machine that brainwashes players – Polybius

Polybius is the name of an arcade game (cabinet machine) circa 1981. It is said that not only is Polybius successful, it is also addictive when people have to queue around just to play. However, when finished playing, many people encounter strange diseases such as memory loss, insomnia, stress, nightmares and frequent night terrors. As if making things even more shady, the barrel machines are constantly visited by shadowy figures dressed in black, collecting something from the machine and then immediately leaving. It is rumored that they are members of a government organization that is collecting data on the player’s nervous reactions, thereby helping with secret CIA projects. When flipping through and returning to the person who posted the first information about Polybius, a blogger named Cat DeSpira suddenly discovered a real-life name, Steven Roach – former director of a youth behavior change center. year. This center is completely real and was suspended many years ago due to allegations of child abuse. Until now, the victims of this center are still fighting to get justice for themselves (to be continued).


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