Faith of Danschant – Have eyes with the martial arts game with super graphics

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God of Illusion Dance Also known in English as Faith of Danschant is a console game, role-playing genre and owns an eye-catching 3D graphics platform. The game is developed by Joyfun, promising to bring players into a fantasy world, traveling, through the trailers, it can be seen that the game is much more prominent than the role-playing games that have been released recently.


Fantasy God is developed with Unreal Engine 4, according to the developer, they have applied leading technology from Gaint China using UE4 and motion capture technology, combining music and dance.


It can be said that the game is a breakthrough of the role-playing martial arts genre, because participating in the game you feel like experiencing a movie created by yourself. It’s still a familiar scene-playing and questing style, but with a third-person perspective like survival games, everything is very natural. Besides, there is an integration of stories such as flashbacks of the past. When I was a child, I often met friends on the street on every step of the way.


The game includes 6 character classes for you to choose from, including: Phi Tinh, Vong Thu, Lam Tuong, Van Khuynh and Hoa Thien, thanks to advanced graphics, players will have to admire the beauty of each character. And yet, the moves that the character launches have the direction of traditional dance art and you will feel it most clearly in the BOSS battles.


On March 22, the game will officially launch on the Steam platform for $ 29.99. When it was first released in China not long ago, the game received a lot of love and support from many players, recently the game has also been updated with new stories and content. The game’s release on Steam gives many foreign players the opportunity to experience and of course any money with Faith of Danschant is not wrong.​

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