2 indispensable Nintendo Switch accessories with beautiful bright screen protectors

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Having used the Switch for 2 years is still brand-new, bright and shining. Someone who had just used it for a few months had an ugly scratch. So what is the secret to keeping this look lasting and is it complicated? The answer is extremely easy, just two small Nintendo Switch accessories below ensure 100% of the screen you keep beautiful!

Nintendo Switch accessories screen protector

1 / Nintendo Switch screen stickers – An essential accessory for every gamer

Talking about the effect of screen stickers Nintendo Switch, nShop has previously had an article about Should I stick the screen to the game console? or not, but many gamers still keep the view that using plain is the best, and then a day not far, suddenly realize that their device has been broken when plugged into the TV dock and removed many times. (See more “Damn the docking causing scratches the screen Nintendo Switch”) it is too late.

In fact, playing games with the touch screen on the Nintendo Switch is very little, plus this is the capacitive touch so you will find it very difficult to scratch the screen with your finger. But the external impact and plugging into the TV output dock will cause scratches on the screen, which then adds the pressure of your hand to create a lasting disaster.

how to paste the screen Nintendo Switch strength

Screen stickers, Nintendo Switch accessories are almost indispensable …

After a short period of use, this scratch easily stains on, causing discomfort to the vision and you only have one way to replace the new touch screen that is free of scratches – costly compared to buying screen stickers. protection from the start.

2 / Small but Useful Nintendo Switch Accessories: Game console screen wipes

The screen wiper is also coming to the Nintendo Switch accessory – it sounds like a joke, but it’s true because when using it regularly, it gets stains from many different causes or annoying fingerprints are suddenly Neither one could think of what to clean except … pull up the shirt and wipe.

Some fabric fabrics that are not soft enough will harm your screen if the Nintendo Switch is not already screen stickers. Therefore, it is necessary to have a dedicated screen wipe. In terms of specialization, it’s actually not too rare to find – it’s the eyewear we often see. You can find them at places like eyewear stores for effective cleaning of stains (Adding a little glass cleaner will work better) without fear of scratching the glass.

buy and sell cheap Nintendo Switch game screen wipes

At nShop also sells this game machine screen wipes with game models from Mario to Splatoon, Zelda, Pokémon … you can refer to the product link: .

Prevention is better than cure your game machine

Prevention is better than cure in all situations, 2 Nintendo Switch accessories The above won’t cost you too much money while the long-term benefits are enormous. If you think that you can only use it to get bored and then resell someone else to upgrade to a newer one, so you do not need to buy a Nintendo Switch accessory to waste money, simply consider that when reselling – when you are new, the next person will buy it and sell better price!

Free hori screen wipes

Hopefully, with the two simple Nintendo Switch accessories above, you can stick and accompany the machine for a longer time. If you are looking for a washcloth you can consult Samples are available for sale at nShop on. Or more basically – plain glass scarf with no texture printing – small size pattern, you can visit nShop for free. (Due to a limited number of freebies, 1 person per person per month for later use).

Nintendo Switch accessories

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