19-year-old Chinese League of Legends player accused of “catching fish with many hands”, swinging with strange girls right in Worlds

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Although in the summer season he had a normal expression, but with his teammates Bin, Swordart, SofMAngle reached the final and became the runner-up League of Legends world, huanfeng received the love, attention and expectation of a large number of LPL fans. However, it’s only the end Worlds Less than a month later, the male player was entangled in a huge scandal that was enough to destroy the entire image he had built for so long.​

Huanfeng is loved with the image of an innocent and upright coastal boy

Not long ago, the sniper of Suning once revealed that she fainted and was hospitalized for 3 days during the time Worlds 2020, many fans mourned and said that this was one of the reasons why he could not be in his best form when participating in the competition. However, recently a girl claiming to be huanfeng’s ex-girlfriend posted a forum to accuse male gamers of cheating on her, going out to “swing” with strange girls right after participating in Worlds.​

The girl revealed a sweet private message to huanfeng when she was still hot

This girl said that she and huanfeng are compatriots, both of them have been in love for a long time. lover. Although she loves huanfeng, but on 11/12, she officially ended her love because the male player had relationships with many other girls during the time he loved her. At the same time, she also attached a photo of huanfeng getting into a taxi to go out with female fans on the evening of October 17 when preparing to participate in the quarterfinals of Worlds.​

Huanfeng was photographed going out with a female fan on October 17

Many observant people discovered that in a propaganda photo with his teammates, there was a suspicious red mark on huanfeng’s neck, which made them sure that he and female fans often went to “rent a room”, this is the direct cause. continue to make male gamers tired and unable to maintain their form in the match with DAMWON Gaming.​

There is a strange red mark on huanfeng’s neck like a “kiss mark”.

Before that, huanfeng received the love of many people when he revealed that he had to grow up in an unhappy family, have difficult circumstances, and accidentally met a chance at a net shop, so he could become a member of the community. professional player. However, after just one night, huanfeng’s image of an innocent, upright, and fearless teenager completely collapsed, and he suffered a wave of fierce criticism from League of Legends fans. Currently, huanfeng and Suning have not officially spoken about this.​

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