15 secrets you probably didn’t know about Marvel movies

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Movies Marvel is dominating the silver screen with box office blockbusters and millions of fans around the globe. With 19 films launched so far, that success is well deserved for the Marvel giant. However, it is because of so many films that even the most hardcore fans can still miss the interesting details in the film. That’s why readers, let’s take a look at 19 secrets in Marvel movies with Emergenceingame.Com that you may not know right away.

Icon Tony Stark

Fan of Iron Man Everyone knows that the image of Tony Stark is based on Howard Hughes – a famous American inventor and business magnate. However, when the Iron Man movie officially launched in 2008, Robert Downey Jr was inspired by another famous person, Elon Musk – CEO of SpaceX and considered a modern Tony Stark. Not that in Tony Stark’s garage there is a super car Roadster of Tesla – the company founded by Elon Musk. This CEO also appeared in Iron Man 2.


Captain America appeared before the movie about me premiered

Indeed, this is a secret that very few people know. The reason may be because of the movie The Incredible Hulk almost isolated from the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe when actor Edward Norton turned down the role of Bruce Banner and Mark Ruffalo stepped in instead. However, the main reason was that the film crew decided to remove this scene from the final version of The Incredible Hulk. There, this scene takes the viewer to Bruce Banner’s journey to the ice mountain and decides to commit suicide here… However, instead of ending his fate, Bruce Banner immediately transforms into the Hulk and fights collapse the mountain. In a very small moment when the iceberg collapses, viewers can see the body of Captain America appearing with the typical shield.


Spider-Man appeared in Iron Man 2

Contrary to the above mystery, this is more widely known to Marvel fans thanks to Tom Holland’s disclosure to the press. There he confirmed Peter Parker It was the boy in the Iron Man hat who appeared at the fair when Hammer’s robot attacked.


Men in Black

If you’ve watched Captain America: The First Avenger then you probably know that the actor who played Colonel Phillips, Tommy Lee Jones, played the role of Agent Kay in Men in Black. In the scene where he drove Captain America and Peggy to chase HYDRA’s plane, there was a button on the car with the letter “K”. Around this button is a line in German that, when translated, means: “Danger, do not press”. This is of course a tribute to his role in Men in Black when Agent K’s car also has a similar mechanism.


Vision from… Iron Man 3

In the scene where Maya, Tony and Pepper talk about the giant stuffed rabbit, in the background the viewer can spot a sock that Tony hangs for JARVIS. Later when he transforms into Vision, their half-human, half-mechanical guy We have almost the same color.


Loki impersonating Captain America

In Thor Dark World, there is a scene where Loki pretends to be Captain America walking next to Thor.. In fact, this scene was made by having Tom Hiddleston himself wear Captain America’s clothes and imitate the superhero’s movements. this hero on the movie. Then Chris Evans came and imitated the exact same move that Tom Hiddlestone had… imitated him.


Captain America’s Notebook

In Winder Soldier you must remember our superhero carrying a notebook to record the events he missed while buried in the ice. In fact, what is written in this book varies from film to film in different countries. In the UK, for example, it’s The Beatles and Sherlock Holmes, while in France it’s Daft Punk and The Fifth Element (a famous film by French director Luc Besson).


Marvel shakes hands Star Wars

In Ant-Man when the character Darren Cross dons the Yellowjacket armor, you can recognize the familiar sound from the laser that the armor fires. In fact, this sound is the gunfire of the AT-AT machine in the Star Wars series – which is another cult film series owned by Disney.


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