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10 new guns in Rules Of Survival 2.0 update

Rules Of Survival is constantly releasing new updates, bringing many interesting features and a series of new guns and means of transportation. Rules Of Survival’s weapon system is increasingly richer and more diverse.

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In the Rules Of Survival 2.0 update will retain M4A1, AKM, M249, Barrett, AS VAL, SVD, M870, G18C, Desert Eagle. Also updated with 10 new types of guns, with a battle map of up to 300 people:

New weapon

10 new guns in the Update Rules Of Survival 2.0

Sniper rifle

  • QBU88: As the dream sniper gun of many gamers, has higher damage than SVD. At the same time, the addition of a stand improves efficiency and stability.
  • M110: Is a single sniper rifle, has higher damage than AWM.

Assault rifles

  • ACR: AR-style assault rifle, has properties quite similar to the AR15.
  • AN94: Small Russian rifle, high precision. Support for continuous shooting and single shot mode, the damage is not inferior to AKM.
  • AUG: A line of high-mobility guns, with a classic style that has been used a lot, the ability to damage and stability is very respectable.

Tommy Gun

  • VECTOR: As a classic American submachine gun, the rate of fire is faster, has high stability, the speed of reloading and has a pretty good amount of bullets.
  • MP5: Classic German submachine gun, has a low recoil rate, good stability and lethality.
  • P90: The submachine gun made in Belgium, has the basic characteristics of a handgun, suitable for all types of combat without too many accessories.

Shotgun gun

  • SAIGAI12: The rear body is quite similar to the AK47, but the gun is different. Shotgun is very strong, fast fire rate, high damage.
  • WRO: Is a deadly Shotgun assassin, with range, mid-range speed, and the ability to do mass destruction damage well.

With these new weapons, the war for survival will be more intense and dramatic. Become the last survivor in this fascinating Rules Of Survival game!

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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