Shirou in Free Fire: Which character skills should you combine with Shirou?

Shirou’s Skills in Free Fire will become even more powerful when combined with the skills of the following characters.

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Compared to other battle royale game competitors, Free Fire stand out more thanks to the unique character skill skill system. Garena continuously adds many characters with different abilities, stories and backgrounds.

Shirou is the newest character in the current Free Fire – a shipper with the ability to penetrate any type of armor. This feature is extremely useful when fighting. In this article, let list the top Free Fire character skills that combine best with Shirou’s Damage Delivered ability!

Which character skills should be combined with Shirou?

5 – Laura

Laura from Free Fire

If you’re building a sniper squad, Shirou’s skills might work perfectly when combined with Laura. With a higher precision than Laura’s marksmanship, you can retaliate against enemies to activate Shirou’s abilities much easier.

4 – A124

A124 in Free Fire

The A124 is capable of converting EP into perfect HP in hand-to-hand combat. It will increase your HP almost immediately after the mouse click and gain an advantage in combat. The weakness of this ability is that you have to find mushrooms to get EP. However, don’t worry, you just need to use K or Miguel’s skills to replace mushrooms in this case.

3 – Jota

Jota in Free Fire

Jota supports shotguns and SMGs, allowing you to retain a bit of color after each kill. Shirou’s armor penetration will be stronger when you use Shotgun. If you use the M1014 automatic shot, you will have more time to activate Shirou’s skill because the shot on the enemy will have huge damage.

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2 – Alok

Alok’s Drop the beat skill when combined with Shirou in Free Fire becomes the perfect tool to escape and recover when you are hit by an enemy.

1 – Chrono

Chrono from Free Fire

Chrono’s Time Tuner skill will create a small aura with 600HP that you and your allies can step inside. You can move fast and shoot outside targets while in this halo, but the enemy must break it to reach you.

Chrono’s ability works well in all situations, both offensive and defensive. The enemy has no choice but to retreat or create defenses on his own. So don’t hesitate to combine Shirou’s damage with Alok’s defense in Free Fire!

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