10 facts about Coin Master – The game is taking the world by storm

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If you are a fan of mobile games and often look for good mobile games to play, you will not be unfamiliar with the name Coin Master recently. To understand more about this game, let’s immediately discover 10 facts about Coin Master – The game that is taking the world by storm that thuthuat.taimienphi.vn shares below!

Coin Master is a famous mobile game with hundreds of millions of downloads worldwide. So what’s so hot about Coin Master? Let’s learn about this game with thuthuat.taimienphi.vn 10 facts about Coin Master – The game is taking the world by storm in your next post!

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10 facts about Coin Master – The game is taking the world by storm

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1. What is Coin Master?

Coin Master is an interesting game released by the host company, Moon Active, around 2016. After releasing the trailer for this game on YouTube, the Coin Master game then spread all over the social networks.

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2. How to play Coin Master

Coin Master is a game based on a virtual slot machine. You will collect spins as time goes on, which you will use to spin a slot machine. This can give you coins, attacks, raids, shields or many more spins. And just as the name Coin Master suggests, coin (coin) is the main thing you see in the game.

=> Reference How to play Coin Master here.
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3. Village building and raiding

In the game Coin Master also has another feature is to build a village. You will use the coins you collect from the slot machine to build and upgrade the buildings in your village. You can attack and raid and whatever you get from the slot machine. You can attack and raid other villagers to earn more coins.

4. Play games with your friends

You can connect your Facebook account to start playing games and invite your friends to play games. You can also attack and raid their village.

5. Transaction card

There are also trading cards in the game. Besides building your village (or repairing buildings), coins can be used to buy chests. There are 3 different chests that you can buy and in these chests will probably contain trading cards. When you get a set of cards, you get more spins (and sometimes pets that increase your rewards for various activities in the game)

=> List of villages that drop many gold and rare cards in Coin Master

6. Many coins and stars

The more you play the game, the more coins and stars you have. Every Coin Master gamer wants a large amount of these to be able to spin the slot machine and get paid out in the tens of millions of coins.

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7. Explore more villages

After you have successfully upgraded your village buildings to maximum, you can continue to unlock other villages to discover other interesting things.

=> How to protect the village from attack in Coin Master

8. Buy more coins easily

If you are impatient and just want to earn a lot of coins quickly, you can use cash to buy coins in the game. You will have millions more coins to play the game

9. Epic ads on Youtube

Many people know Coin Master through Youtube. The game ad features the most popular YouTube personalities in Singapore such as JianHao Tan and Naomi Neo. This advertisement was very well received.

10. Overall rating of Coin Master

Moon Active’s Youtube videos are basically just ads for the game and there was a time when all videos had more dislikes than likes. Under the comment section, there are also a lot of curses from players. Although it was once such a negative review, so far Coin Master is still very popular and even stormed the world.

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