Wolcen – New Diablo Update once a week to fix bugs

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Wolcen released version Early Access last week and quickly became famous – the number of concurrent players of the title RPG game This is still increasing, however, it is the sudden attraction that has caused the server to be overloaded. Although players can still log in, Wolcen is not performing as well as expected and the game’s developers had to make some changes to improve the situation.

Some of the biggest problems right now are resetting processes and reducing server load times. “Following the data loss incident that occurred last Friday, we know we cannot continue to apply hotfixes and patches in the same way. We need to work with our partners to get this fix,” the developer said. monitor the situation and make sure we don’t run into any other big database issues.”


To temporarily solve the problem, the developer reduced the number of patches to one per week and limited the number of concurrent players that could access the server. The developer is also working on fixing bugs, upgrading access limits, and improving the situation.

The developer’s announcement was posted on February 18, and 3 days later the first update – version was released. In addition to the upgrade tweaks, the update also fixes some connectivity errors.


Wolcen’s solid gameplay foundation is giving the game the opportunity to join the ranks of the best RPG games available today. Hopefully the bugs and issues surrounding the server will be resolved soon.

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